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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 12-1-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:20 Where can I find knowledge on Tren & Test enanthate on the members site?

04:14 Do you recommend disinfecting the skin for sub-q injections?

05:10 What would be your best advice for someone looking to break into the sports performance and coaching industry?

08:05 Would PCT be required after the cycle described in the practical application series? When would PCT become relevant? How much muscle can be lost after a course if not implementing PCT?

14:02 Thoughts on cardarine?

14:20 The RP guys recommend choosing 2-3 body parts per mesocycles(s) to prioritize a few body parts, instead of trying to grow everything at once. Is this something you would recommend for a bodybuilder

16:51 How much of an impact does Clenbuterol have on muscle retention in a post cycle scenario?

19:20 At peak dose for my cycle, a gram total. Test Primo and Masteron. Even in a higher calorie diet higher in carbs, I seem to keep going hypoglycemic. More in the morning or after my workout. Blood sugar drops around 65. Is this to be expected. 195 lb 6 foot 40 year old male.

21:10 A shoutout to Broderick’s research assistant!

21:40 How common do you believe fatty liver disease is in bodybuilders?

22:29 Is there a change in Boldenone’s action if it has the cypionate ester?

23:14 Under what circumstances would you consider implementing shorter mesocycles for a bodybuilder?

28:43 What ingredient in finished injectable AAS causes the burning / warm sensation in joints nearest the injection site?

29:14 Would injecting once a week for TRT be sufficient to have stable hormone levels?

29:56 Is injecting GH intramuscular inferior to sub-q?

32:17 What value would you raise a eyebrow to when it comes to eGFR?

33:40 Does Metformin inhibit muscle growth from Hypertrophy training? If so, how and how should we mitigate it?

33:57 31 year old male 1st course. In a recent Q&A someone asked about stopping aromatising drugs before the end of a course to speed up endogenous testosterone production post course. I’m taking 450 total mg of Testosterone and Masteron – would I stop the Testosterone at week 14 (or earlier?) and increase the Masteron to make up the mg? Is Masteron’s downward pressure on Estrogen a consideration? Thoughts on using Propionate or Dianabol at all in the final weeks for their shorter elimination time?

36:40 Is there an argument for NOT utilizing insulin year-round if doses are low and slow? Currently using just 3IU of Humulin R post-workout.

39:12 Is it counterproductive to hypertrophy goals using Tylenol PM as a sleep aid?

44:18 Is oral Methenolone acetate as toxic as other orals and in what scenarios would you consider it the right tool for the job?

50:25 Are there any special considerations an athlete should make when resuming training after a bout of pneumonia?

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