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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 11-29-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

03:28 Is the time on = time off rule for anabolics valid for females using birth control?

06:02 What is the reason for a decrease in strength that is concurrent with an increase in hypertrophy?

07:57 Would using longer acting anabolics be a good idea for someone that will be traveling for several weeks without access to anabolics?

10:55 TUD, Nebido & Andriol

11:42 Would you alter training volume? (regarding the previous strength decreasing while hypertrophy is increasing question)

16:52 Do you recommend going down to TRT or is Sports TRT low enough?

18:58 Since Turinabol is not c17-alpha-alkylated, does it mean that it’s less harsh on the liver?

21:43 What is the highest application of Boldenone you have seen & for what duration? Can you also disclose the sport?

23:31 Glutes overpower hamstrings. How can I fix that?

25:00 Are there any problems in measuring minerals in dried blood?

25:38 Is going to Sports TRT should a hyper-muscular athlete see rapid decreases in muscle mass?

28:23 What to do to not lose as much size/strength/performance during a TRT/Sports TRT phase?

29:56 Is a fertility protocol needed to conceive a child if using anabolics?

32:56 If a parameter is ridiculously out of range, would you recommend redoing bloodwork?

33:50 Do you recommend using Metformin if on TRT, consuming 3000 kcal & less than 400g of carbs?

35:08 More on the previous question on not losing size/strength/performance during a TRT/Sports TRT phase

36:00 Does Melanotan II have relevant anabolic properties?

38:30 Fertility issues for AAS users are overstated!
40:42 Is 20mg of Tamoxifen enough to counteract estrogen side effects?

43:12 Do you recommend Sports TRT or Sports HRT for clients between cycles?

47:20 Can modified cyclic dextrin peanut butter be a complete protein source?

48:40 Would adding Nandrolone decanoate increase estrogen levels?

52:04 Is your wife a scientist, like you?

55:45 If bloodwork confirms that more than 300mg of Boldenone is needed to obtain necessary E2 levels, would using more be a good idea?

57:58 Thoughts on Trestolone?

58:25 Any recommendations to help with snoring?

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