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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 11-27-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:58 Could GH be used in place of anabolics?

02:58 Did you ever put together a drug protocol to enhance cognition?

03:22 How do you manipulate AAS use during a deload?

04:41 At which phase of the year would you increase GH use?

05:58 Can Cabergoline help a person who suffers from hyperprolactinemia?

07:10 Are injectables superior to orals for pure lean tissue accrual mg per mg?

08:33 Is there a problem to donate blood while on cycle, either medical or moral?

10:12 Anything else for cognitive performance other than TRT doses of Testosterone & Modafinil?

10:55 Is there any benefit to running Testosterone higher than physiological doses when there other, more anabolic steroids?

12:27 Is 10g of citrulline malate best taken pre workout?

13:20 Could Boldenone be useful in a high volume phase due to its impacts on hematology?

14:29 What type of training be best in conjunction with the practical applications series first course example?

17:02 Would reconstituted GH lose potency if left outside of the fridge for 5 days?

17:40 Are sleep disturbances from Trenbolone correlated to plaque buildup in the brain?

18:30 Are there any long term ramifications caused by eating/smoking cannabinoids?

19:35 350mg of Anavar for a 78kg male for a 5 week fat loss phase. Would this work or should it should the total dosage be divided between Testosterone & Anavar?

21:30 What do you use instead of RPE? Do you always train to failure?

23:45 Can Cabergoline have a negative impact on HDL?

24:18 Is synephrine an effective fat loss tool?

25:00 How does Primobolan differ from Testosterone?

25:56 Once strength potential is reached, do you think hypertrophy becomes harder to obtain?

27:22 Is training 4 days a week sufficient?

28:47 How quickly can you lose fat? What is the rate limiting factor?

30:40 What do you use to lower prolactin, if you do not use Cabergoline?

31:31 What’s the ideal drug for a 360lb black male, with an internationally elite total,going into a powerlifting meet with a goal of obtaining a 2100 total?

33:43 If you replace compounds from the same family tree, do you wait 5 half-lives to reach peak plasma concentrations?

34:57 How much % of body weight do you recommend losing per week to keep the maximum amount of muscle mass? Would it differ for naturals compared to enhanced lifters?

36:06 For someone who cannot do a lot of steps per day & can only train 3 days per week, would cardio or lifting weights be more beneficial for fat loss?

38:20 Is Salbutamol safer than Clenbuterol?

39:15 Is the optimal cycle length between 16 & 20 weeks or can shorter cycles have benefits as well?

41:28 Does muscle density have anything to do with the type of training one does?

43:30 Can Masteron cause diarrhea?

44:23 What are your opinions on Dr. Mike’s training methods, the typical 4 week mesocycles?

46:34 Have you seen bad side effects from 20-40mcg of Clenbuterol per day?

47:50 Is there any synergy between Aandrol & Trenbolone?

48:09 Does the body recover natural production faster after using fast acting steroids?

49:01 When muscle gains stall during the offseason should one implement more calories or more drugs first?

50:02 Did Instagram algorithms affect the attendance of Q&As?

50:35 Could Testosterone & Primobolan negatively affect sleep?

51:29 Does Anavar help you lose fat from the trunk?

51:35 What do you mean when you talk about synergy between 2 compounds?

52:46 Which IFBB pros have training methods that you admire?

54:24 Is there a minimum effective dose for a given drug for hypertrophy?

55:31 Did Lee Priest actually use the dosages he talked about?

56:52 If Anavar & Primobolan have higher protein expression than other drugs, why do you say that the end net muscle mass gains would be about the same with any AAS?

58:12 Lee Priest used very little Testosterone.

58:46 Would dropping aromatizing compounds at the end of a cycle speed up the recovery of natural production?

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