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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 11-22-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:41 Have you ever seen anyone not gain anything on gear?

02:44 What is the dosing protocol for BPC-157?

03:13 Is it common for hands to swell?

04:23 How can women use pharmacology to lower estrogen long term?

05:45 New GH gave me bruising at the injection site. Thoughts?

06:43 Jared Feather is going to be an Olympian soon!!!

07:10 Confirmation on the Eastern European GH side effects.

07:42 What dosing would you recommend for Clenbuterol?

09:00 Does Yohimbine have fat loss benefits?

09:55 Could you comment on DHT?

11:33 Could you use Clenbuterol 2 days on 1 day off instead of 2 weeks on 2 weeks off?

13:28 If hormonal recovery takes about 50% of time on, would this be valid for a longer period of time, say 1 year on TRT?

15:05 Could GH before fasted cardio be beneficial & why?

18:24 Can the strength effects of Nandrolone decanoate be felt in a week, or is it placebo?

19:35 Do you think that static holds in a hypertrophy program be effective?

19:44 What would be the minimum duration of usage for Nandrolone decanoate & at what dosage do you get diminishing returns?

21:52 Should you raise your Testosterone dosage to reach the highest tolerable levels of estrogen?

24:48 Why & how is IGF-DS used with such a short half-life?

25:45 For how long is fat oxidation boosted after consuming caffeine? Is 3x bodyweight a reasonable dosage for this purpose?

26:51 Do you plan on making a sticky note book on anabolics?

27:56 What is the average dosing for Aromasin to control estrogen?

28:51 Could you explain the relationship between free Testosterone & the Testosterone Range & how are they impacted by HRT?

33:42 Congratulations to Jared Feather for winning his IFBB Pro card!!!

34:32 Would it make sense to use oral Primobolan alongside injectable Primobolan if dosages get really high?

35:58 Jared Feather responds!

38:50 Can Metformin increase appetite & not decrease it?

39:59 How much Boldenone would be too much for a Mike Tyson sized boxer?

42:13 Is there a difference between using drugs that stimulate LH/FSH like HCG/Clomid and using Testosterone in a TRT scenario?

44:19 How long after starting a Boldenone course should one check hematocrit & hemoglobin?

47:00 Do you have any tips to manage a raging appetite during a fat loss phase?

47:52 Can DHEA help with having more estradiol on a 300mg Deca course?

48:38 Are twice a week shots better than once a week shots for blood level stability?

51:54 Can you explain how insulin is used in a fat loss protocol?

54:13 My wife started using DHEA & Pregnenolone after her menopause & body composition improved, but shortly after she started losing her hair. What could be the cause for that?

54:42 Hemoglobin was 12-14. Could Boldenone be dangerous?

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