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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 11-17-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:47 35 year old male, 20% body fat, 90kg, using 300mg of Testosterone. How likely am I to run into estrogen problems?

03:42 Are wrist cuff blood pressure monitors accurate?

05:33 Would you have pushed yourself harder when you were younger only pharmacology wise or also training wise? Would this be applicable to recreational lifters or just for professional athletes?

08:43 What are the visual/textural changes that happen when using insulin?

10:43 If doing a 15 week course with a low volume “recovery week” in the middle. Should the dose drop for this recovery week or remain the same?

15:22 Will you be releasing more ebooks on practical application and PED cycle design etc.?

16:33 A 100kg (130mm across 9 sites) combat sports athlete first time anabolic user wants to improve body composition in the off-season. Using the example first course with only anavar, how much NET mass if any should they aim to lose assuming muscle gain and fat loss are happening simultaneously? What should be the vectors of training volume and calories?

21:10 In the extreme OTC supplements list, I notice you recommend NAC (N-acetyl cysteine). 600mg AM and PM. Given NAC is a precursor to glutathione does it make sense that all enhanced athletes take it daily for “general” liver health?

22:30 Do you care much about a client’s food intolerances? How do you diagnose such things if they are having digestive trouble or other issues?

23:44 If backloading lots of insulin syringes at once for convenience, is there any concern with those syringes sitting filled for weeks at a time?

25:38 Can anabolics cause soreness for regular day-to-day activities?

28:02 When working with Bodybuilders concerned about waist size. Do you tend to have a method to “shrink” a waist? I noticed Randy’s waist is super slim!

30:59 If you had unlimited funds, no bounds to morals, and approval by all organizations to conduct any experiment you would like. What would this experiment be? If it had to be related to hypertrophy and building the absolute muscle mass?

33:26 Robert Sapolsky (neurologist and primate researcher) says that in Primate communities, higher testosterone levels found in high ranking members correlate to more prosocial/affiliative behavior. What do you think the mechanism for this might be? Could it be higher estrogen levels?

36:26 Does Winstrol have anti-glucocorticoid effects?

39:08 Is muscle soreness a good metric of muscle growth?

41:43 What were the usual AAS used in the 80’s-90’s? I am curious about what great guys like Gary Strydom used… Do you think that Test was used at 3mg/kg?

43:23 Roughly what % of your 80 sets are compound movements compared to accessory and does that percentage usually increase linearly to the 120?

45:51 Is there anything that can be taken to help get a better quality of sleep? I often wake up multiple times during a night. I’m using GH in the morning. I have read that it is meant to help but it doesn’t seem to make much difference.

48:43 I understand in general, AAS preferentially hypertrophies Type 1 muscle fiber over Type 2’s. Do any AAS specifically hypertrophy Type 2 fibers?

49:29 How are the book sales going btw? Got my copy shortly after release, really like it!

50:35 How do you approach increasing calories during a muscle gaining cycle? What monitoring (like body weight gain) tells you it’s time to increase calories? In your ebook you have a graph that shows an initial increase in calories and then maintaining that level while the body recomps. Without more context I read this as being your recommended approach.

54:10 31 year old male 95kg planning 2nd course to trial Nandrolone. First course consisted of; weeks 1-4 150mg Primobolan, 5-8 250mg Primobolan and 9-16 480mg of Testosterone and Masteron. My idea is to keep the course mostly the same but with weeks 5-8 consisting instead of 100mg Primobolan and 150mg of NPP. Will this give me a good idea of my suitability to Nandrolone? Are there any changes you can suggest?

55:30 For performance applications, who’s books do you prefer/recommend, Verkhoshansky or Tsatsouline?

57:05 Read your recent article on the site about the Selective Estrogen Receptor Downregulator. For what job is this a tool for over the usual SERMs?

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