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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 11-13-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:35 If 5mg of Cialis lowers blood pressure 10 points will 10mg lower it 20 points?

02:11 Why shouldn’t you take NPP & Finasteride at the same time?

03:02 Which oral causes the highest rate of contractile tissue accrual if estrogen remained the same?

04:39 What is the highest drug load that you’ve seen a person handle?

05:25 What are your favorite recreational drugs & why?

06:11 Where can I get the Sticky Note Sports Nutrition ebook?

06:42 What do you think about SSRIs for athletes that suffer from anxiety?

08:15 Is Cialis the best thing to take pre workout for pumps?

09:27 Will insulin be beneficial for someone eating 500g of carbs per day?

10:56 Is Minoxidil a better option than Finasteride for balding men?

11:46 Would Anadrol be a good option for females seeking strength & not aesthetics?

14:00 What causes subcutaneous vs. IM fluid retention & Would Nandrolone cause more muscle accrual than Masteron?

15:57 Who will win WSM this year?

17:20 Would Winstrol or Anavar cause more tissue accrual than Anadrol?

18:55 Is there an optimal weight gain that you would recommend for a bodybuilder gain after a contest going into a maintenance?

19:33 Do all anabolics severely lower HDL & are there any exceptions?

20:32 What dosing frequency do you recommend for enanthate esters?

21:38 Would 100mg of Testosterone & 200mg of Masteron per week be relatively safe to use indefinitely as Sports TRT?

22:13 What causes night sweats?

23:21 Will increased progesterone make you more sensitive to estrogen?

25:01 Do you find that vitamin B6 300-600mg daily significantly reduces progesterone?

25:53 Oxymetholone is gold for women!

26:44 What books do you recommend to gain knowledge on drugs?

27:27 Which AAS have the largest impact on driving appetite?

29:03 Would Anadrol be a better choice than Anavar for women, if wanting to minimize androgenic side effects?

29:21 Is the 80-120 set rule relevant only for hypertrophy training or can it be used for other sports as well?

30:38 Is there any merit in GH site injections?

30:46 When massing on high carbs would it be beneficial to add Proviron to the stack?

31:06 How would you program anabolic use for women duration wise?

32:35 Do you think that SARMs could be used after reaching your natural genetic potential?

33:03 Is a reduced refractory period a side effect of using prolactin inhibitors?

33:15 Can adding Proviron help with lethargy?

33:45 Does the timing of chromium matter?

34:25 If there is a lag in estrogen increases when using Testosterone, is there also a lag in progesterone increases when using Nandrolone?

34:57 What are your recommendations regarding chromium?

36:12 Have your clients main evented at WrestleMania?

36:59 What do you think about drug decriminalization in Oregon?

38:30 Any literature on the use of Anavar among women to combat the negative effects of menopause?

38:57 Between courses of AAS, do you stay at 80 sets per week or escalate to 120, even on TRT?

40:05 Does it make sense to time deloads after your last application of AAS?

41:04 What is vitamin K & can eggshells be used as a calcium source?

42:46 What affects the prostate during AAS use, estrogen or DHT?

44:51 Can cannabinoids raise prolactin levels?

45:37 What causes muscle degeneration in the pecs of pro wrestlers?

46:40 How would Sports TRT affect one’s personality?

47:20 What has caused chromium deficiency in the modern world?

48:15 Any supplements or drugs to help with an enlarged prostate?

49:07 Which family of drugs causes the most psychological side effects?

49:45 Have you often seen permanent infertility in men after prolonged use?

50:40 Does the methylation of an anabolic create unpredictable differences?

52:44 Have you ever considered making your own AAS?

53:02 Why do 19-nor derivatives have greater impacts on psychology than DHT derivatives?

53:45 Do you need HCG to maintain fertility?

54:26 Have “Golden Era” bodybuilders used Nandrolone & had good results from it?

55:37 What oral would be a good addition to a hypertrophy cycle, Anadrol or Superdrol?

56:46 Would taking oral AAS rectally, are they still considered to be orally administered?

58:09 Do you consider veganism to be a mental illness?

59:03 Have you personally experienced the mental side effects of 19-nors?

1:00:00 Have you any thoughts on using diet to peak for maximum strength?

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