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TeamEvilGSP Live 11-8-20

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01:13 Is ED from Nandrolone dose dependent?

02:40 How can one avoid food comas when hyper caloric?

03:24 Would vitamin K2 be a good supplement to take?

05:23 To what AAS do athletes of South-East Asian descent respond well to?

07:27 Is GH useful between AAS cycles?

09:12 Can Masteron negate the side effects of Nandrolone?

10:10 Is tracking micronutrients from food a useful tool, or should one take a multivitamin product?

11:41 Could life stresses (like COVID-19) cause ED more than Nandrolone?

12:35 Thinking of trying a cycle (Test, D-BOL, Equipoise). Thoughts?

13:50 In the 80 to 120 set rule, do you count 1 set of deadlifts as one or more sets?

14:26 Can you elaborate more on the benefits of Meldonium & how it should be used?

14:34 Can you use a peptide like Ipamorelin just one per day?

15:50 Thoughts on Joe Biden becoming president?

16:24 Is Deca with Tren & Test any good?

16:45 Is there a preferred time for the single dose administration? (regarding the previous peptide question)

19:38 Do you think a glass of red wine a couple of times a week is ok for an enhanced athlete?

20:25 What changes in body weight gain seem appropriate for the middle of a cycle? Do you prefer a little more body fat & be sure that you are getting the maximum amount of muscle or slower increases without fat gain?

21:59 Would it make sense to use orals at the end of a cycle to minimize impact on digestion?

23:07 Have you personally ever ran a course without the use of Testosterone?

23:20 Can 1 rep of bench press be counted as 0.5 reps of triceps?

24:36 Why do you think that some research showed no growth of contractile tissue while using growth hormone?

26:56 Do you train by the conjugate method?

27:48 Does weight training increase BUN & creatinine? Do you have an upper limit to these values which would raise a red flag?

28:10 Do you count the number of muscle groups or just certain exercises when using the 80-120 sets rule?

30:03 Any athletes that have reached the upper echelon because of their training despite average genetics?

31:30 Would you start with 200-300mg of Testosterone & add 30mg of Anavar, or vice versa, or both at once?

32:04 Are center column drugs more suppressive because of the conversion to estrogen, or is it something else? Where does Anadrol exist on the continuum of suppressiveness?

34:13 If someone responds really well to Deca, but gets debilitating pumps, how can one circumvent this problem?

36:55 Should the minimum duration for Nandrolone use be 12 weeks because the 14 day halflife of the decanoate ester?

37:45 Are you still friends with Lyle McDonald?

39:03 Regarding the chest volume being counted as triceps volume, I cut my triceps volume & my triceps grew.

42:04 Would the abuse of insulin cause distended guts?

42:24 When you consult with someone who wants to remain natural…

42:31 With anabolic mapping, what would be the reason someone grew more with one AAS vs. another?

43:56 What AAS strengthen connective tissue the most?

46:28 Would using Nandrolone as Sports HRT be problematic for health?

47:42 What values of free Testosterone are you aiming for during the offseason?

49:40 When someone has a virus that causes diarrhea & loses 4-5kg, is the loss mostly water or are the calories from food not absorbed?

51:02 What are your thoughts on glucose disposal agents?

52:24 Planned vs. intuitive deloads?

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