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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 11-24-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:17 How relevant is GH to bodybuilders & how much would bodybuilders be “missing out” if they would not implement it?

04:23 When would you choose to use a short ester over a longer one such as e besides to pass drug tests?

07:03 For long-term hypertrophy, would high-end Sports TRT year-round (low and slow) be more effective at building muscle and/or “healthier” than high blast and cruise cycles (say 15 weeks on, 15 off)?

09:15 Trying to lose 10 mm of fat while gaining muscle on cycle in an isocaloric diet & letting the drugs put me in a slight deficit. Nearly two weeks into the course and I’ve lost 0.4-0.5kg, did l maybe undershoot my isocaloric calories?

10:55 What are the mechanisms behind “Deca-dick”?

15:38 Was wondering your experience with Modafinil and its use in different sports such as sprinting vs. something like MMA or rugby? Personally I think that it could reduce performance in technical/dynamic sports due to reduced creativity/lateral thinking abilities.

18:14 At what time of day would be best to take your blood pressure? How often should it be measured? Are wrist cuffs a better option than the traditional arm monitor?

22:34 From sticky notes Super OTC Supps Extreme: Is there a negligible benefit to splitting AM/PM, doses of Vitamin C, Calcium Citrate, Chromium, NAC?

24:44 For someone who is on a hypertrophy block and kcal is getting high: Is there a number of carbohydrate intake that you start to talk about bringing insulin into the equation? And what other factors determine if insulin is something they might want to introduce?

26:42 You mentioned that Lantus would be a choice to increase background insulin values. What might be a good dose for that purpose?

28:38 I’ve heard you talk with admiration of Ben Johnson and his 9.79 record a couple of times. How do you compare this achievement to Bolt’s 9.58?

30:30 Right tool for the right job – what’s the best job for Equipoise?

33:31 N insulin is also available over the counter. Is there any information on how to use it compared to the R? Is it even a thing?

34:39 Is there any correlation between AAS/peptides & diarrhea or loose stools?

36:33 In the ebook you suggest splitting protein intake roughly 50% flesh, 25 dairy & 25 plants. Would you group eggs /egg white into that “flesh” percentage too?

38:16 I recently heard about using exogenous glucagon instead of insulin pre stage for carbing up? Have you ever tried or heard of such practices?

39:29 Have you tried Kopi Luwak coffee?

40:14 How do you think DHT and its derived drugs affect motor learning? To what extent are the effects permanent?

43:13 When comparing oral vs. injectable AAS, you have mentioned orals in general have an inclination to affect certain systems and toxicity more-so than injectables. Does the route of administration also change the inclination for orals to affect blood cholesterol values negatively?

45:35 Is it common to get heartburn when using T-Bol?

47:03 Further to the earlier question about DHT derivatives, do any of the milder oral DHT drugs (Winstrol, Anavar, etc) provide a stronger neurological stimulus than Primobolan or Masteron?

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