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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 11-6-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:11 Is “Anabolics” by William Llewellyn a good place to start learning about anabolics?

02:09 Would high levels of testosterone cause DHT problems?

03:53 Is there a difference between raw & cooked food (i.e. egg whites)?

05:50 Should you use the same dose of GH every day or take double the dose every other day?

06:43 What would be too high of a fasting glucose level when using GH & insulin?

07:39 What do you think about 100mg of Testosterone & 200mg of Masteron for an anabolic cycle?

08:45 Any tips on acne prevention?

10:37 Is there a good place for Trestolone in a cycle?

11:15 Is it necessary to take a break from GH or could it be taken year round?

12:13 Are Meldonium & insulin synergistic?

12:36 Wouldn’t higher doses of Nandrolone increase the risk of erectile dysfunction?

14:07 How do you approach specialization phases for athletes?

16:09 Is Broderick taking on any female clients?

16:23 Are there any cases of sudden death within AAS users?

17:12 Why do people think that palumboism comes from high food volume?

19:30 Can you take thyroid medicine with other medicine without losing any of the effects or complications?

20:45 What would be better for hypertrophy: Drostanolone or Methenolone?

22:27 What extra benefits can one get from Turinabol + Anavar?

26:30 What do you think is the cause of UFC fighter Israel Adesanya’s sudden gynecomastia?

28:05 What are your thoughts on taking Testosterone & Masteron at 2-3mg/kg indefinitely as TRT?

29:48 For fat loss, what is the advantage of GH in the morning vs. GH in the evening & a bigger caloric deficit?

31:42 What is your take on low dose orals for females for HRT?

33:14 What combination of compounds should a 195cm, 98kg European with 2 years of training utilize to gain strength & muscle over4 months?

06:05 What do you think about Boldenone? It doesn’t aromatize & does not cause hepatic damage.

37:20 Is the synergy between Anavar & Turinabol the same as with any other oral compound?

37:52 When planning a course & dosage escalations, what should one consider?

39:15 Is liporeduction a valid approach since fat cells have a 8-10 year turnover period? Could it lower the body fat set point?

41:49 What do you think about using Halotestin before a powerlifting contest?

42:45 Why is DHT typically not measured in blood panels?

44:20 Which anabolic would you implement for muscle mass development without extracellular water retention?

45:30 is Oral Turinabol best taken before workouts?

45:34 Does Primobolan have any specific side effects?

47:10 Does Ketotifen have any benefits when using Clenbuterol?

48:29 Is Oral Turinabol best taken on a full or empty stomach?

49:08 What would be the best starting dose for a first time Clenbuterol user?

50:43 Training to failure explained!

52:53 Is Minoxidil a good blood pressure drug?

53:14 Risks of taking a high dose of Primobolan with a low dose of Testosterone?

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