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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 11-3-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

02:13 Regarding plasma concentration – time relationship, do you have some sort of multiplier to convert mg of compounds into ng/dl? Also do you have a multiplier for orals?

05:40 While mapping my anabolic use I discovered that Primobolan and Masteron cause me to have decreased urine flow.. I had my doctor check my prostate, he said it was normal size and smooth. Is decreased urine flow a normal side effect? Is it very risky and should those compounds be completely avoided in my case?

08:24 Will you be adding to the practical application series?

09:36 What day should a client get his bloodwork checked with relation to their injection days?

12:02 Would adding an single IU of Humalog to a dose of growth hormone before bed aid in recovery even more so?

13:50 Does Superdrol affect the colon & prostate?

15:57 What are your thoughts on using bands to provide constant tension, cuffs to eliminate grip & change the moment arm, Deep stretches at the end of each movement?

19:00 What is the Testosterone value that will make you fail a USADA test?

20:47 For blood pressure, what is your upper limit for a 100kg bodybuilder at peak dose in his course?

22:00 Could a peak plasma concentration be higher than 4 times the number of administered mg of Testosterone?

25:12 Can hematology negatively affect hypertrophy by taking away energy to produce RBC instead of using that energy to build muscle? Are there any methods to improve hematology?

29:46 Is it usually redundant to combine multiple AAS from the same family tree for anabolism, and better to increase dosage of one instead (like Anavar and Primobolan)?

31:26 If you had to estimate, what would the anabolic mg added from the basic insulin protocol on the site? E.g basic insulin protocol = 300mg Primobolan?

34:07 Peter Bond in his book states that Primobolan has weak muscle-building effects, since it gets broken down into 3α-HSD, whereas it’s much more potent in other tissues, where we wouldn’t want it to be. Your thoughts?

36:38 When do you think someone should consider using an aromatase Inhibitor like Arimidex or Aromasin during a course?

37:52 Since aromatase enzyme is made in adipose tissue, would a fat teenager be lacking the proper amount of Testosterone during puberty or would the body produce more Testosterone to compensate in order to make sure puberty is completed properly?

39:40 I’ve heard you recommend (for a bodybuilder) taking a maintenance period between hypertrophy phase and pre contest diet where the person goes to Sports TRT for a few weeks. After this maintenance block, do you then slowly increase the AAS like in the offseason, or do you leap in at the top offseason dose straight away?

44:35 I believe you had said in an earlier Q&A that Primobolan + exogenous estrogen would be inferior to Primobolan + testosterone (doses equated) in terms of training intensity. Is this because DHT is just significantly more potent at neurological potentiation? Also, would a Boldenone only course also be inferior to Boldenone + testosterone in terms of training intensity for the same reason?

48:11 There seems to be quite a few places promoting a drug called Liraglutide it’s a glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist and being used at doses of 1.2/ 3mg a day taken sub q via a pen. It’s being sold as ‘the skinny jab’ supposedly taken by famous people for weight loss…does Metformin in high doses do similar actions or is it completely different?

50:15 Why is it not more beneficial to have a higher kcal surplus when coming to the end of the course when mg are highest and spreading out your area under curve more smoothly? Wouldn’t this be better for nutrient partitioning and limiting fat gain in general?

52:30 The true skinny pill is DNP!

52:52 The phlebotomy that Boldenone promotes is what I’m specifically looking for in my next course. Boldenone also converting to estrogen had me wondering if Boldenone only was a possibility.

54:46 When will the second members Q&A be added? These are so much better!

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