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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 11-1-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:43 Can you explain how water temperature & delivery methods can change the effects of coffee & preworkouts?

02:56 How has long term metabolite testing of Turinabol affected its application in tested athletics?

04:07 Can one learn enough about PED on your platform to become knowledgeable?

04:58 Can you explain Winstrol’s collagen synthesis effects?

06:13 When you count protein intake, do you count protein from vegetarian sources?

07:01 Does GH have to be taken in a fasted state to remain insulin sensitive?

07:50 How long can one use Ketoconazole for acne reduction purposes?

09:12 Are bodybuilders generally lacking in knowledge regarding AAS?

10:45 Pesos don’t do shit for you.

11:25 Will running to reduce RH interfere with leg hypertrophy goals?

12:21 Does 0.5ml of Test have long term negative effects on the heart for someone in their 50’s?

14:38 Can long term usage of GH cause morphological features (i.e. face & cranium)?

16:13 Being dead interferes with hypertrophy.

16:21 What is your opinion on injectable L-carnitine?

17:30 Any more planned podcasts with “Under the Bar”?

18:03 What are your top 3 tools for bridging AAS cycles while on TRT?

19:25 Mike Israetel mentioned that AAS users should keep their sodium intake lower. Is this true?

20:57 If taking 6IU before bed, instead of splitting it up, are you “wasting” some of it?

21:57 Can you run Boldenone as HRT?

24:17 Do you think that 5mg of Oxymetholone & 25mg a week of Nandrolone would be a good choice for a female in a gaining phase?

25:33 If you run 3IU of GH in the AM for fat loss, would you use IM or sub-q to do cardio at that time?

26:35 Can we just stay on a certain dose of drugs forever?

26:53 What is your opinion on MK-677?

27:39 Have you heard of fast acting Boldenone?

28:35 How would 300mg of Test & 30mg of Anavar be as a first cycle for a 78kg lean male seeking hypertrophy?

29:41 Is Oxandrolone the best compound for collagen synthesis?

29:47 Is Steranabol not produced because of issues on the supply side or a lack of demand?

31:12 Does Trenbolone have a 1/3 oral availability? Are there any other oral steroids with oral availability?

32:08 Are you currently preparing any pros for the Mr. Olympia?

32:15 How does Trenbolone impact gut flora?

33:01 Is caffeine anhydrous more potent than caffeine found in plain coffee?

34:36 Are there any general OTC supplements that you have athletes take?

35:30 Would Proviron be a useful tool in a TRT environment?

36:51 Coffee & bowel movements?

37:40 Does Clenbuterol have any benefits aside from fat burning?

38:25 Is DHT derived from Nandrolone more potent than the one derived from Testosterone?

40:25 Would taking 2 different oral AAS be more hepatotoxic than taking one dose of a single compound?

41:40 Justin Harris noted that Clenbuterol doesn’t lose efficiency over time.

43:21 Which orals have you used most in your career personally?

44:14 Is Nandrolone more anabolic than Testosterone?

45:46 What is included if someone hires you as a coach?

47:29 Do you think that a low dose of a PDES inhibitor like Cialis is safe long term?

48:31 Would insulin use hinder fat loss in a calorie deficit?

49:27 Would Aldactone elevate ALT/AST or is it liver safe?

50:02 Would there be a difference in taking Ipamorelin multiple times a day or a single time before bed for hypertrophy purposes?

50:39 200mg of Testosterone enanthate & 300mg of Masteron for a 100kg male with a focus on strength gains… good idea?

51:41 Is time off the best first step in healing joint pain from training with high volumes for too long?

53:19 Is it better to take GH instead of Deca for skinny people?

54:18 Part 5 of the David Herrera series is awesome!!!

54:55 Why is running silly?

56:27 Do you think low dose aspirin before training is bad?

57:43 When transitioning from blat to cruise do you recommend a period of time off before administering the cruise dose?

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