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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 10-30-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

02:21 How should a person get Metformin?

03:00 Who is the most famous bodybuilder who has used Masteron as his primary anabolic during his career?

03:56 RHR is 80-90 BPM, body weight is 140kg, 200mg of Test & 250mg of Masteron enanthate per week. When I do cardio HR doesn’t go any higher…

05:29 Have you ever worked with someone who has had a spinal cord injury?

05:54 Is there an athlete that you admire for their smart PED use?

06:31 Is it normal for soreness to increase when adding in Winstrol?

07:25 If someone is competing 2 weeks in a row, would you use Aldactone for both peaks or just for the second show?

08:57 Is there any benefit in having more calories on training days & less on rest days?

10:46 Is it something to worry about that my RHR is that high? (regarding the previous RHR question)

11:57 Is your TRT recommendation 4mg/kg year round?

13:45 What is the best deadlift variation for hypertrophy?

15:28 Do you think that Andrew Hudson is held back due to living in South Africa?

16:31 Will using 100mg of Deca long term for collagen synthesis raise blood pressure significantly?

17:33 Is elevated LDL & total cholesterol bad?

20:27 The only thing I’ve changed is adding in Winstrol & increasing calories. Also my feet started getting sore… (regarding the previous question on Winstrol causing soreness)

21:30 Does Nolvadex upregulate progesterone receptors in the breast tissue?

22:34 How does your 80-120 set rule change for maintenance at TRT?

25:35 Are there any hormonal changes that can cause you to sweat less?

26:59 When would be a good time to add GH if suffering from a neck injury?

28:27 What is the longest you’ve run Masteron without coming off & at what dosage?

29:10 At what hematocrit value would you suggest donating blood?

32:48 Can you change your LDL particle size via diet, or is that totally genetics?

34:14 Should a lean individual start at the higher end of the 25045kcal/kg range?

36:56 What is the most underrated steroid?

37:18 When are you doing the DHT Roundtable with Alex & Andy?

38:10 Which AAS can increase libido the most?

39:16 Is a 300 cholesterol a 7 in the UK?

39:52 What is your recommendation for tanning beds for the winter season when sun exposure is low? What about for acne management?

41:28 Does Nandrolone permanently damage libido, erections & sexual functions?

42:36 Is metabolic damage real, or not?

43:40 Any typical blood values you could check to see if Masteron is fake or not?

44:53 If switching from a propionate to an enanthate product, how much emphasis is needed to be put on keeping levels stable while titrating the dose?

46:20 Does BPC have anti-tumor effects?

46:52 Any ETA on when the next episode of The Madsen Files is coming out?

47:26 Is switching to a propionate at the end of a course be a good idea to let the drugs clear out sooner?

47:47 Is a Testosterone only cycle a good idea?

48:25 Does a blood donation decrease performance in the gym for muscle building purposes?

49:10 How low can I go with fat intake & is being enhanced affect this number?

51:21 Your thoughts on the negative effects of donating blood like lowered ferritin levels?

52: 52 If low body fat levels interfere with aromatization, would you increase center column drugs to fix this issue?

53:54 Is progressive overload in a “log book” manner ineffective? Would it be effective to pick a weight for a given exercise & just increase the sets?

55:28 Women on Tren?

55:52 What is your opinion on Lyle McDonald’s protein sparing diet approach for people in a cutting phase?

57:30 I heard that once you start enanthate, you can never stop injecting Test…

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