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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 10-27-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

02:00 Have you ever used Meldonium yourself? If so, how did you feel? Any benefits besides increased work capacity?

03:58 Are slow digesting proteins as good as fast digesting proteins?

09:14 Would you generally recommend asthmatic athletes to do a bit more cardio than they would otherwise need for a given target?

10:57 Tried the first course using Anavar but started losing hair. Could Superdrol be used for longer periods of time because it does not affect my hair?

13:36 Should PCT or HCG be used if on HRT?

17:32 What should athletes do in the “off periods”? Would a minicut to shed fat be a good idea?

Due to availability and price, if all else was equal for a 100kg athlete using 2IU of GH, which would produce more muscle growth over a 12-16 week course: 300mg Test C & 200mg Masteron or 200mg Test C & 200mg Primobolan?

23:03 Outside of trekking down the slippery slope of blood donations, what outside of discontinuing a course of AAS can you or do you use to keep CBC in control?

28:08 Is Broderick going to the Olympia this year?

28:52 How does Norclostebol’s progesterone receptor affinity and impact on the lipid panel compare to Nandrolone?

29:56 would you rather increase calories via fats or carbohydrates?

33:20 Does Boldenone increase production of RBC and hemoglobin or only RBC? My RBC counts are usually mid-normal range but my hemoglobin is always bottom of or below normal.

35:19 Are there many universally accepted health risks to long term (i.e. lifelong) TRT use, assuming levels that keep you within the reference range?

36:43 31 year old male 90kg 1st course. I’m halfway through a 16 week steroid and hypertrophy block. After this I’m planning a 16 week drug free strength block before my next PED cycle. I can get my main muscles groups covered in 4 days of strength work whilst calves, biceps, side delts look under worked. How much will 2 days per week of higher rep hypertrophy work on these small muscles interfere with the signaling from my strength training?

39:49 I see several sellers on Alibaba offering growth hormone at 100iu for $50 – is this price reasonable for a legitimate product or too good to be true?

41:40 I’m currently going through the peptide videos on the members site as I’m considering using insulin-R.

When using the basic insulin method, am I correct in understanding that I keep my GH and Metformin doses the same…..jab first thing in the morning and have my breakfast after and eat as normal though the day….

43:55 Why do rice/oats/sweet potatoes make up so many bodybuilders staple carb sources? Are there significant metabolic differences between them and the equivalent number of carbs from say a bagel or tortillas?

47:06 I know you hate questions about DHB, but for the AAS experienced, would it be superfluous to try at a very low dose of maybe 150mg on top of Primo and Boldenone?

49:00 Been taking 3IU of HGH everyday for almost 5 months. Can’t say I have obvious bloating but if I wanted to take some time off to see if I drop water retentive weight how many days would I cut off the dose for?

51:36 If I understand well, vitamin K2 has an impact on blood clotting, but could this mean that this is contra-indicated for AAS users?

54:30 That means I could stretch a single bottle of DHB out over almost a year! (regarding the previous DHB question)

55:28 If estrogen doesn’t need to be modulated, what factors should someone use to decide between using Masteron or Primobolan as their primary anabolic?

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