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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 10-25-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:30 What calories would you use for maintenance/deficit/surplus?

02:23 Is T4 essential when using GH?

03:10 How should Equipoise be frontloaded?

03:16 When should you get bloodwork when using Deca as HRT in a 20 week cycle?

05:26 What training style works best: high frequency with low volume or low frequency with high volume?

06:19 When should you implement T4?

07:40 Is it a good idea to use 100mg of DNP along with the usual 5mg/kg of HRT during a cruise?

08:35 Can you start a cycle if cholesterol is 7?

09:01 Have you ever seen that Middle-Eastern people do not seem to get ED from drugs?

09:37 What would be the right job for tools like DHB, Trenbolone & other exotic compounds?

10:05 What compounds would be best to put on mass on a scrawny frame during a 5 month cycle?

12:34 What would be the best appetite suppressant if Sibutramine is not accessible?

13:18 Is it possible that GH can cause less water retention & neuropathy as one goes up in body weight?

14:15 Would the dosing frequency of the drug affect the aromatization rates?

16:05 Do anabolics influence other structural changes other than size, like force-length relationship & pennation angle?

17:57 Following up on the volume-frequency question, for example: 25 sets of chest once a week versus 5 sets of chest 5 days a week?

21:02 How do you program cardio (i.e. running) around your leg workouts?

22:39 Why don’t you like the word “cruise”?

24:04 At what cholesterol level should you start a cycle?

27:09 Does Proviron have any performance benefits?

29:12 Would a 16 week cycle be better than a 20 week cycle (injectable anabolics, first injectable cycle)?

31:31 Over 10 years, which would cause more hypertrophy, AAS only or peptides only?

33:29 Do you recommend D-Bol to any of your clients?

34:36 During a bridging phase, would you prefer 2mg/kg of Test with 1IU of GH or 3mg/kg of Test only?

35:45 Chemist say that injecting 100mg every day aromatizes less than injecting 700mg once a week.

37:38 Should a bodybuilder use Metformin year round, or only in the offseason when hypercaloric?

39:11 Would GH use during puberty cause a person to grow beyond their natural height?

40:06 Which word do you hate the most, blast, massing, minicut or cruise?

40:20 Do you see any downsides of William Llewellyn’s Dianabol only cycle?

41:28 How would you rank cholesterol, blood pressure, RHR in terms of heart health?

41:48 How would AAS & statins work side by side?

42:35 Could a lifter with some experience do a Testosterone only cycle & keep progressing after without drugs?

43:08 Would you see any benefit in higher fat periods for health purposes?

43:53 Is there any benefit to injecting GH IM instead of sub-q?

44:40 Duration ratio for course length & off-course length?

46:24 TeamEvilGSP shirts are super comfortable!!!

46:46 Referring to the Proviron question, the less refined the compound the more benefits it has?

48:38 Is it ok to be on high carbs for months without using insulin?

49:16 How does Proviron elevate sexual function?

49:40 Insulin synergies with Test, EQ, Deca?

50:20 Why do you pronounce “Proviron” the way you do?

51:26 Can you put multiple compounds in the same syringe?

52:27 Can you give your opinion on DC training & Fortitude training (by Dr. Scott Stevenson)?

53:19 Do you have a minimum training age for people before starting anabolics?

55:51 Why is Turinabol considered weak for building muscle?

56:11 Just like some stay on low dose GH year-round, can someone stay on Ipamoreling or MK-677 year-round?

58:31 Recommendations for hitting failure during training?

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