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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 10-23-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:04 What is the difference in potency between estrogen derived from Testosterone, Nandrolone & Dianabol?

02:44 Would the same mg of AAS work better after losing weight (fat)?

03:31 Could you talk about Meldonium & its application in bodybuilding?

05:07 At what rate does Testosterone aromatize to estrogen?

06:10 What is the latest information about muscle damage & hypertrophy?

07:00 Would you consider doing a physical seminar with Alex & Andy?

07:23 Would Anadrol fit the practical application of a first cycle?

08:43 Is BPC-157 effective for recovering from an injury?

09:23 Been on 2IU of GH 5 days a week for 11 weeks would raising that to 4IU a day during a 2 month massing phase be an expensive waste of time if planning on returning to 2IU afterwards?

10:49 Is Nandrolone one of the least faked steroids out there?

12:10 Almost 40 thinking of cardiac MRI for calcium score. Could blood work replace this to avoid the cost of a MRI?

13:53 When can one use Anavar after kidney functions return to normal after a kidney infection?

15:00 Is TUDCA & liver support necessary when using non-harsh compounds like Oxandrolone & Turinabol?

16:10 What do you think about taking drugs to improve only certain muscle groups & obtain the “’80s look”?

16:55 Right tool for the right job means that you know what the job is!!!

18:13 When fat loss stalls, what strategies would you use when calories are at “poverty” levels?

20:18 I want to lose fat on Sports TRT should I do cardio if gyms close?

22:46 Should insulin be used only by pro bodybuilders, or can anyone on a high carb diet benefit from it?

25:05 What’s the difference health wise between a competing bodybuilder & one stays between 8-15% body fat? Both are trying to be as big as possible?

27:11 If you accidentally swallow chalk during training, does it count to your total magnesium intake?

27:59 Can one make gains on low carbs?

29:40 Can you use drugs to grow your delts while not increasing the size of your legs?

30:19 How long you should take off after a cycle (with enanthate esters) & what are the retention rates?

31:48 For athletes should hydration be measured by urine color or thirst?

32:51 What would be better to “bring out” striations, Winstrol or Masteron?

34:11 Would you use steps/NEAT instead of cardio during the offseason, or would you use traditional forms of cardio?

35:34 How many exercises would you use per body part?

36:40 What were your best clean and jerks & snatches?

37:22 What are the mechanisms behind AAS induced CRP ( C-Reactive Protein) elevations?

38:34 How do you determine if a workout had enough volume?

40:15 Is overhead pressing needed for overall delt development?

42:37 Are oral only cycles bad?

43:44 When will you be adding more videos to the practical application series?

40:29 What books would you recommend about AAS?

45:20 Minimum amount of cardio to do when trying to build muscle?

47:56 Why is insulin the last tool in the toolbox that bodybuilders add?

48:42 What are the high level considerations you take into account for race & protocol?

50:28 Is there a minimum body mass that you would like an athlete to reach before introducing insulin?

51:25 Is it still ok to use a half a vial of Masteron that is one year old?

52:58 Can someone train a hook grip to be as strong as a mixed grip?

54:41 Do people of Middle-Eastern descent prone to any particular AAS induce health issues?

55:52 Can the SARM RAD-40 shrink BPH?

56:42 Do joggers typically have more fast-twitch muscle fibers than the general population?

57:04 When introducing insulin should one change the volume of anabolics being used?

58:30 Do you currently work with any current or former UFC champions? Do you work with military/tactical populations?

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