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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 10-18-20

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02:00 My left calf has swollen & feels as if I trained calves super hard (I didn’t). Have pins & needle sensations in it.

03:22 How much time to recover from a hamstring strain?

03:54 Do steroids have impacts on the kidney directly?

04:54 How many pin sites (injection sites) do you recommend?

06:04 While I get the swollen limb (calf) checked do you recommend any treatment?

05:58 For someone considering PEDs for the first time, what would be a good starting compound & how long should one train naturally before starting PEDs?

08:26 Do pros do similar volumes to the 80-120 sets you recommend?

09:33 Is programming or periodization less important for non compound accessory movements like biceps curls?

10:10 Are steroids nephrotoxic? Can you take steroids for a certain period of time and have 0 damage done to them (the kidneys)?

11:11 What’s the difference in growth between 2g & 4g of AAS?

12:01 Why did Boldenone fail human trials?

13:05 Is there any place in Brazil you would recommend to have a damn good cup of coffee?

14:26 Do you believe that David Goggins actually lost 100lb in 3 months?

14:52 What approach do you take with a client that is stage ready 3 weeks early?.

15:31 Are there any concerns about rotating between left & right side injections sites every week?

16:02 Could a high RHR be an indicator of overtraining? Gained 6kg in 8 weeks of Primobolan use. RHR & increased sweating during the workout.

17:47 What do you think about guys using a Deca only cycle or low Test during a blast?

18:44 What are the symptoms of overtraining & what should you do in this situation?

19:39 Does skipping breakfast stall the ability to recover because of the absence of nutrients (in a fat loss phase)?

21:27 Why are cycles shorter than 6 weeks for men inefficient? Is it because of Testosterone suppression?

23:05 Do people with higher volume tolerance have a greater hypertrophy potential?

24:53 When a person no longer has any side effects from Metformin, is it a good idea to take it in the morning?

25:46 Don’t type II muscle fibers have a greater hypertrophy potential?

26:20 Is it counterproductive during a deload to add some light cardio work for fitness?

27:15 Do some people respond well to high amounts of E2?

28:50 At what point would you recommend an AI?

30:25 Why wasn’t Masteron used as much as other steroids during the golden era of bodybuilding?

30:59 What sports other than bodybuilding, powerlifting & strong man have high doses of anabolics?

31:50 How do you periodize female bodybuilding training considering that you prefer short courses of anabolics?

32:38 When I use highly estrogenic compounds, like Testosterone, I get better results.

33:50 What is your take on Fragment 176-191 (GH peptide fraction of the original 191 amino acid polypeptide known as Somatotropic hormone)?

34:34 What is the Testosteron to Masteron ratio?

36:08 What are the downsides of taking a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor like Finasteride with TRT to diminish DHT?

36:42 I’ve read Yohimbine increases insulin. Is this effect negligible or would it be worth considering?

37:30 Do you have any regrets about your PED use during the years?

37:57 For non DHT steroids that have a high neurological effect, what generates these effects? (e.g. Halotestin & Trenbolone)

39:20 When you speak of clients who require the reference range of estrogen, how many mg of Testosterone do they require to obtain these values?

40:35 Have you ever experienced numbness or tingling in your arms at night on an AAS cycle? Is water retention & inflammation likely to exaggerate carpal tunnel syndrome?

41:00 So is GH fragment on an isocaloric diet not worth it?

41:53 Why would a male athlete go off anabolic during a bridge?

42:30 What are the uses of synephrine?

43:24 What is the longest duration DNP cycle you have seen?

44:18 Would exercise science be a good major to study?

46:17 What is the difference between TRT & Sports TRT when it comes to positives & negatives?

47:30 Is synephrine similar to grapefruit juice when it comes to extending the half-life of drugs?

47:58 EQ & Nandrolone give me issues, how could one achieve high estrogen without Testosterone or DIanabol?

49:44 Can Modafinil be run for long periods of time?

50:46 Do you think you can spot an AAS user just by looking at their physique?

52:02 Could DHEA contribute to estrogen on top of TRT?

52:48 Anything dangerous with free Testosterone above 200?

53:50 Does Nolvadex prevent gyno from Anadrol?

54:01 How many kcals per pound for massing?

54:30 Does the vector of the anabolic affect the aromatization value?

55:30 Do you think yohimbine is a good tool for fat loss?

56:44 Do you get more “bang for your buck” fom Dianabol vs. Anadrol because Dianabol has a higher binding affinity?

57:47 What is a good starting point for kcal/kg to gain muscle?

59:00 Can someone on just GH & TRT gain muscle?

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