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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 10-16-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:41 Should calorie be dropped down further after using DNP to avoid a rebound?

02:37 Go to pre workout Nutrition? What is the truth behind localized injections of BPC-157?

03:48 GH pre or post workout?

03:54 At what point in one’s lifting career is it a good idea to implement GH?

06:06 Your opinion on Proviron?

06:39 Thought on SARMs for powerlifting?

07:00 What compound would you use for a woman to parallel the effects of Primobolan in a male?

08:47 Why is a Test only cycle so bad?

09:23 Is going over 40mg of Anavar going to lower cholesterol 30% more than 30mg & under?

10:29 Quad injections are said to be problematic. Is it a safe muscle to inject?

12:02 What’s your criteria for someone to not do steroids?

13:00 We know that the anabolic to androgenic ratio is worthless, but is it a decent gage of virilization potential for females?

14:01 For physique athletes is it better idea to do a set to failure on the first or last set to gage performance or fatigue accumulation?

15:01 What do you think of using bands instead of weights?

16:02 If one doesn’t wait 60 minutes to hydrate the GH, what am I giving up?

16:45 Would a lower dose, longer duration cycle of Superdrol, be a better option to avoid the crippling side effects that people experience?

17:42 If taking 100mg of aspirin first thing in the morning would there be any anticoagulant problems if taking 6-10g of fish oil later that day?

19:40 What do you think about the anabolic effects of maca root injections?

20:20 How do Norclostebol’s effects compare to Nandrolone for glycolytic purposes?

21:30 Does Oxabolone (Steranabol) have a significant lower AR affinity than Nandrolone?

22:15 Anything to be concerned about if urea markers are slightly elevated when eating higher amounts of protein & using AAS?

23:06 I have Hashimoto’s & am on Synthroid (T4). How concerned should I be that T3 levels are as a natural lifter? Doctor only ordered TSH to be checked.

24:02 What are the common causes for bodybuilders pulling out of shows at the last minute?

26:17 Would it be a good idea to use low dose GH & insulin for a person’s second cycle with the intention of using less anabolics?

28:00 When should one use extended release Metformin over the regular version?

28:19 Were the East Germans actually dosing Turinabol at 0.125mg/kg of lean mass?

28:50 would a compound’s half-life change when it’s bound to SHBG?

31:20 Can you still make gains with sub-q injections vs. IM? Do you know or have worked with people that do so?

33:39 You mentioned that optimal TSH levels are 2 & below. If TSH is higher can we lower it to optimal levels? Maybe by using weight?

34:35 Regarding protein, I am running 15mg/kg & in a 1k kcal deficit (how much lower that 2g/kg of protein can you go without losing muscle mass?).

35:26 Fred Hatfield said that aspirin helps gains due to increased blood flow to the muscles, others say that because of the anti-inflammatory effects it would negate the tissue gains. Your opinion?

36:55 What are the most common things MMA fighters want when reaching out to you?

37:08 For those on SSRIs exogenous T3 absorption seems to be reduced. How can one counteract this? Would taking vitamin C with T3 help?

39:18 After Primobolan, what is the most refined anabolic?

40:17 Have you ever heard of M-Tren (Methyl-Tren)?

40:52 Does the delivery method of GH (sub-q ,IM, IV) change the rate of conversion of the downstream growth factors?

41:28 Would Testosterone show up on a drug test for work (police)?

42:24 Would love to see more videos of you & Rawdon!

43:20 Best place to start learning about steroids?

44:06 You mentioned that D-Bol was used at 15mg/day for HRT. Do you know of people that used it for this purpose?

46:01 Are there any circumstances in which you would have your athletes change the delivery method?

47:06 What degree path do you think is most beneficial for bodybuilding?

48:33 If my limbs “fall asleep” easily, what is that a sign of?

49:33 If someone is high-carb massing (say 1000g carbs/day), would you recommend dextrose or something similar if the person is having problems consuming this amount of food?

50:56 Will Masteron skew the result of a serum Testosterone test?

51:31 Since being on gear increases the maximum effective volume range, are most bodybuilders doing high volume, even if claiming low volume, because they are only counting their heavy working sets?

53:33 Have you ever worked with any AFL players from Australia?

54:39 What’s the best cycle to start as a beginner?

55:08 Who is your favorite bodybuilder?

56:02 If taking Cialis even at a low dose causes sciatic pain, what would cause that?

56:40 When did “cruising” & not going off gear become the norm?

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