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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 10-13-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:14 Does the ingestion of MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) result in elevated insulin levels? Can you explain the metabolism of MCTs?

05:12 Is using Trenbolone acetate in a course, would dropping it in favor of NPP in the last weeks leading up to a photo shoot be a good idea to counteract muscle flatness?

08:35 How much does Melanotan II raise RBC & could it be implemented successfully in an endurance based sport or are there better options like Boldenone or Anadrol?

11:09 Does Mibolerone need any sort of ramp period before a powerlifting competition (like you’ve mentioned with Halotestin) or can you simply take it on competition day?

13:00 After use of exogenous T3 for 3-5 weeks at a baseline of 25mcg How long might it take for natural production to recover?

16:04 Can you explore night sweats with AAS use. Are there any ‘fixes’?

17:10 I’ve just finished my first 16 weeks cycle of test E + mast E. I’ve gained around 20 pounds and kept the same level of body fat (~18 %). I plan on going on Sports TRT (2.5 mgs/kg of same compounds). My goal is to lose a good amount of fat while on sports TRT, so I can start my next hypertrophy phase significantly leaner. Problem is that gyms are closing again in my country because of COVID, and I’ll have only access to weights that will not challenge me enough for 8-12 reps, but more so for maybe 20-30. Would you recommend doing a lot of sets, or rather doing a lot of reps per set (20-30) with the same weight ? And is there something more that i can do to reach my goals more effectively?

20:35 Working each group at twice a week frequency at 6 days on one day off. I’m struggling to recover from quad movements and I’m still sore moving into the second quad/hamstring focused day of that week. I’m at 8mg/kg, 2ius of growth m-f, 15iu Lantus m-f. Coming out of a competition in a reverse diet of 2,650 calories. As a reference, I’m 6’2 189lbs at 6% bf according to skin folds. Should I up calories sooner than anticipated to account for recovery or drop overall volume in the mesocycle?

26:36 I respond well to Superdrol in regards to anabolism, volumization, and lack of hair loss when compared to D-Bol and Anadrol. I understand Superdrol is usually more toxic. Could I take a longer, lower, slower approach with Superdrol or does it still tend to cause issues even at a low dose?

27:41 Do you have any experience with, or have heard anything positive or negative about Dragon Pharma Primo 200?

28:22 What would be the negative effects of giving a generically skin and bone adolescent (male or female) a drug like MK 677?

30:02 I’m on 200mg Testosterone & 400mg of Primobolan. RHR is around 103, is this due to the androgens or should I look elsewhere? Lipids are good, so is BP. How much of a concern is this?

32:53 Do you think ABC training has a place in hypertrophy training?

34:37 Hearing you speak on the caloric intake, you also don’t like calorie variations day to day. However Hatfield mentions the “zigzag” diet to be most effective. What are your thoughts?

35:57 I’ve been reading about Sibutramine. It has been banned in Europe because studies suggest it increases the risk of heart attacks, strokes and death in patients who consume it to shed excess flab. One of the biggest trials on the drug in Europe showed that risk of heart problem by 16%. Is this something that should be avoided?

38:53 Just out of curiosity, are you personally able to get your hands on Primobolan that costs less than 100 USD for a total gram?

39:23 When is the DHT roundtable coming?

39:52 Some people you collaborate with have highlighted Trenbolone’s effects on IGF. Does Tren have a unique interaction with IGF that other AAS do not, or am I misunderstanding the language?

41:13 Do you have a recommendation for daily vegetable intake? Amount/type?

42:04 With Randy Madsen, how long of a TRT phase do you normally implement in between courses?

43:32 Do you find it easier to get sub 5% body fat once you have done it once? Is there a lower limit where you cannot get any leaner without the use of drugs?

45:20 If ketoconazole has no effect on one’s acne, is that person’s acne likely related to their serum E2/estrogen?

46:48 Could you compare Trenbolone and NPP in terms of which compound gives more overall volume to the appearance? Some Trenbolone users report that especially Trenbolone acetate flattens them out. Is there any truth to that and if so, what is the reason for that?

49:38 I know you like the combination of a Sports TRT coupled with Masteron and Primobolan for consistent muscular gains with low side effects. What would be your strategy if you had maxed your amount of test for your Sports TRT, maxed the amount of Masteron you could use without dropping your estrogen too low and don’t have the finances or ability to obtain Primobolan. What drugs would be a good alternative to the Primobolan in this setting?

54:04 Are there any useful and safe sleep medicines one can use for around 4 weeks near a competition when low body-fat is causing trouble with sleep?

57:07 Would you consider doing a short course on home-brewing?

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