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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 10-11-20

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02:09 Is it worth using Test suspension for a competition day boost?

03:50 How much elevation can you see in Test elevation using oral compounds (i.e. Anadrol)?

05:40 How would you structure an aerobic block for a weightlifter with a 4 year plan?

08:02 Should Metformin be periodized like other drugs?

10:02 Halotestin usage for female athletes?

10:28 How to prevent heartburn from Metformin?

11:44 Why does Trenbolone cause night sweats?

13:44 Good stack for strength for a 40 year old?

14:55 Do Tren acetate vials turn cloudy when home brewed?

15:57 Once you develop gyno, how can you tell if it’s getting worse or better?

17:35 Spinal position & MMA articles on the members site by @hollywoodbuilt

17:59 How does progesterone influence prolactin?

20:05 Post-it note rules for Clenbuterol dosing?

21:12 What characteristics could a pharmaceutical company augment if trying to further develop a drug like Primobolan?

23:33 Books on programming?

26:03 How would you block progesterone & prolactin? Should people use Cabergoline?

28:42 Recommended PCT protocol?

28:48 If Primobolan is estrogen neutral, why was it used for women with breast cancer?

29:28 How do you contact Broderick for booking a consult?

29:40 Let’s say you are eating 1000g of carbs 4 days & 200g the other days…

30:02 What could we get from NPP that we can’t get from D-Bol?

31:22 Could splitting up applications of long ester drugs throughout the week have benefits for estrogen management?

31:42 How would you implement insulin for aerobic performance for a weightlifter?

33:30 For a 16 week cycle would you plan it based on the current weight of the athlete or the target weight?

35:02 What markers should be checked when doing blood work?

36:31 Is hydration especially important for blood viscosity in a drug user?

38:02 How does DHB influence bloodwork?

39:47 Is there any logic in using Tren & Deca in the same stack?

41:22 Do you personally add Masteron alongside Primobolan to manage estrogen?

43:18 How anabolic is DHT? Is the DTH derived from Testosterone the main reason for anabolism from Testosterone usage?

45:05 Can you determine if Primobolan is actually Primobolan or Masteron?

46:46 You can do blood work… (in response to the previous Primobolan/Masteron question)

47:27 For someone thyroid dependent , if reverse T3 is increasing, would switching to T3 be the only option?

48:34 While on AAS urinary output has increased after training. Why is that?

50:11 Why is DHT not available?

51:18 How significant is the buildup of hormone if I pinned a decanoate product every 7 days instead of 10 days?

52:45 Is it typical for someone to gain a couple of pounds of water in the first few days of GH use?

54:08 Should one use a cortisol blocker in the days before a bodybuilding competition?

55:43 What dose of Melanotan II would you use to boost insulin sensitivity & RBC production? The RBC production would be for an event 10 days in the future?

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