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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 10-9-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

05:05 Do you find recomp to be a waste of time for drugs using physique athletes?

03:57 If using Anavar at 0.25 of bodyweight, how much longer could one extend the length of use beyond your general oral AAS recommendations?

04:34 ETA on next practical application video?

05:35 Any link/increased risk between GH & blood clots?

06:18 Do you use insulin year round or only for specific phases?

07:45 Ideal ratio of Testosterone to estrogen when using supraphysiological doses of AAS?

09:42 Upper limit to estrogen (for health)

11:28 Any advice to curb appetite for those with voracious appetites?

12:43 What are the hormonal factors that determine how much lean mass accrual is kept after a course of AAS?

15:00 Mariana Gasparyan beat the male world record at 56kg. What do you think is the highest bodyweight where this is possible?

17:40 Despite Boldenone aromatizing at half the rate on Testosterone, many users experience an AI-like effect with low estrogen symptoms – what causes this?

19:10 You mentioned that you used injectable Winstrol. Besides injection pain, is there anything it can offer in a sufficient dose that Masteron can not?

21:13 How long would you allow elevated blood pressure (140/90) with acute gain in muscle mass? We know that body mass impacts blood pressure, how long is it reasonable to allow adaptations?

23:45 Is there a certain mechanism that makes certain DHT derivatives have a harsher effect on deepening of the voice in females or is it just an individual response?

27:27 Does the average person with average genetics need grams of AAS to make significant progress?

28:37 Peter Bond mentioned that estrogen conversion caps at around 500mg of Testosterone, so more Testosterone won’t increase estrogen levels. Is this correct?

30:27 Just wanted to say “thanks!” for the tip about Nizoral to control steroid induced acne! Works amazing, literally 80-90% reduction!

31:19 Is your take on peptides the same? Looking for improved healing after skin removing surgery.

33:33 Since we pyramid doses up in a cycle, why don’t we pyramid down?

35:30 Would it be a good idea to use Testosterone & Anavar year round as HRT?

36:15 Would you modulate nutritional protocols (like food choices or macro distribution) combined with pharmacology to deal with a soft tissue injury, or just let pharmacology do its job?

38:35 Is the 80-120 sets rule for hypertrophy geared towards people running more than Sports TRT & when dropping down to Sports TRT, should sets be reduced to accommodate decreased recoverability?

40:55 Do you have a post-it note rule for dose & duration for Superdrol?

41:07 I’m about to start a loading phase for “cell-tech” creatine monohydrate that has 14g of sugar per scoop, The loading phase is 4 scoops per day. How less effective would it be if I took 2 scoops a day?

42:42 Do you ever see GH causing prolactin side effects?

44:05 Knowing that muscle growth is non linear, is there a time frame to those growth spurts?

44:23 If using PEDs for the first time during a muscle gaining phase of 20 weeks, is it advisable to start at a 250-300kcal surplus or at 500kcal+?

45:45 Thoughts on the states of the election?

46:15 When should Winstrol be used instead of Anavar?

48:35 When GH causes hyperplasia, how long does that process take & how long does it take for new cells to mature & be sensitive to hypertrophy?

49:56 For an athlete already taking 2IU of GH in the morning for fat loss would taking MK-677 at night be worthy for consideration?

51:55 Do you think that Bayer Rimobolan is too thick for a 28G insulin needle?

52:33 Will there be more AAS profiles added to the member’s site?

53:45 Any supplements which are effective heart & arterial health?

54:03 Should you feel crushed at the end of a mesocycle?

54:36 Can nipple sensitivity towards estrogen decrease over time?

56:07 For purely bodybuilding purposes, do you have a “go-to” AAS massing stack?

57:14 We know that liver support supplements are essential to take, which is your favorite?

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