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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 10-6-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:26 Is it correct to assume that plasma binding proteins cannot be saturated even with higher doses & is the decrease of plasma proteins really relevant?

06:30 How do you track heart rate without a smartwatch or other similar tracking device?

08:57 For MMA athletes, if you had a yearlong offseason, would you generally prioritize striking during high androgen periods and grappling during high somatotropic/insulin periods?

10:55 Will Nolvadex do anything to prevent gyno from Trenbolone?

11:38 Did you see Adesanya’s gyno?

12:09 Can Meldonium be taken 4 times a week on training days continuously?

13:08 After mixing GH with bacteriostatic water, is there a minimum time period to wait before splitting up into syringes for the week?

14:36 Does Bromocriptine lower IGF values similar to Cabergoline?

15:14 You mention a number of sets in your periodization. How do you split these up during a week?

17:55 Before ever using AAS I had run a couple of successful SARMs cycles gaining 14 lean pounds over 2 cycles. How would you compare the anabolic effects of Clenbuterol with those of SARMs?

19:36 Is aspirin timing relevant for athletes?

20:35 Alex Kikel laid out his training periodization on Instagram. He mentions blocks of time with labels such as glycolytic phase, alactic phase and myocyte maturation phase. What does this mean?

22:48 Are you aware of any concerns or interactions with Masteron at 1.2mg/kg to fill in Sports TRT to lower Testosterone dose on a prescription TRT when also on SSRI?

23:52 You’ve mentioned before adding insulin can allow you to lower your AAS amount on cycle. Roughly how much could insulin make up for the reduction of AAS or is it something to experiment and then calculate?

26:05 For each family tree of AAS, when dose-equated for anabolic strength, is one family more effective in the short term vs. the long term when comparing pure contractile muscle tissue gainse

30:17 Do you see uses for EQ in off-season hypertrophy blocks? Common Nandrolone is touted to volumize cells, but if one suffers from side effects. Would EQ be a sufficient swap?

32:23 Could you give a little more info on what 9 sites you measure with a skinfold caliper to determine total mm? How do you use this as a tool during a prep?

36:23 Also a question about periodization. Regarding the escalation from 80 to 120 sets over a course of let’s say 16 weeks: Do I understand this correctly that you suggest the first escalation from 80 to 120 sets from week 1 to week 8 and the second escalation from week 9 to week 16? Is this approach preferred to only a single escalation? What about the time between the two escalations: Do you recommend a “deload” week?

39:19 If a 95kg bodybuilder has blood pressure of 115 over 65 and resting pulse of 58bpm 5 weeks after a cycle of 10mg per kg body weight for 14 weeks, would it be extremely irresponsible to start a new cycle when skipping lab work?

41:21 Do any drugs sensitize muscle cells to IGF-1 the same way that Trenbolone does?

41:56 For someone finishing a course of Primobolan that started at 80kg and now 85kg who’s dropping back to a prescribed TRT dose of 200 what tool would you fill in the other 60mgs for sports TRT with if retention of new lean muscle is now the goal?

43:48 I’m midway through a course doing Enanthate injections on Sunday’s. I’m having to go away from Thursday – Wednesday in a few weeks. How can I manage my administrations around this?

45:24 Does GH affect cancerous cells?

48:04 What would you look out for in regards to anabolics & SSRIs?

50:40 If deficient in vitamin D is taking a one-time large dose effective at returning back to baseline and perhaps doing this every x months?

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