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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 10-4-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:54 How do you value Equipoise in the offseason for a bodybuilder, especially for someone who doesn’t fair well with 19-nors?

03:09 Are the low responders to anabolics?

04:13 Any dietary considerations when utilizing the R insulin protocol?

05:25 Do you personally get any pins & needles/carpal tunnel issues from GH?

06:38 Do you have any advice to lower creatinine & BUN?

06:54 On the members site, is there an explanation of the AAS family tree?

07:14 I have atherosclerosis & 5 stents in my arteries. Are there any steroids I can take or is that a nono for the rest of my life?

08:58 Primobolan is my right tool, but would adding 100mg weekly to bring me up to the upper end of Sports TRT be enough to show its effects?

09:18 What is your ratio for protein/kg & fats/kg?

10:06 Do you have a ratio for drugs like Primobolan?

10:19 I keep seeing coaches going on about Metformin blunting mTOR & shouldn’t use it. From my conversations with you, that was such a small factor & in most part it’s highly beneficial to use.

11:45 Typically how much Masteron do you think is needed purely for its cosmetic “drying” effect?

13:19 Any new insights into the supposed Anavar + T-Bol synergy?

15:33 I have noticed from the Madsen files that you escalate the dose up to 15mg/kg. How can we understand that it is time to increase this “constant”?

18:18 Minimum amount of time to run Turinabol for muscle growth?

20:25 Also with that R insulin protocol from the members site, if I wanted to stay leaner during the cycle, would it be better to avoid insulin or is the fat gain spoken about mainly due to poor diet?

22:02 At this point in your career, could you gain muscle on 5mg/kg, or would you need more?

22:33 Randy looks great in the new pictures! Is a new video coming soon?

23:07 What is your food of choice for a calcium source?

24:00 What is the highest dose of anabolics you have ever seen in a study?

24:47 Dr. Scott Stevenson talks about how Metformin can slow down muscle gains & that nobody should use it for bodybuilding purposes. Your opinion?

25:55 Does the members site teach you how not to take drugs?

26:31 Ratio for Primobolan most effective dose for anabolism?

26:49 What’s your take on SARMs?

27:18 Is cardio training in the form or treadmill & cycling really good for your heart as opposed to strength training?

28:02 Do you go off GH before stepping on stage?

28:46 Between Anavar/D-Bol/T-Bol, which one affects glycogen the most & creatine synthase the most?

29:24 Since on Sports TRT my joints don’t hurt like before. Is this common?

29:45 COVID-19 has ramped up in Ontario. How is the COVID-19 situation in the US? Do you think the Olympia will proceed?

30:56 In order to curb appetite, do you suggest taking Anadrol first thing in the morning fasted or with fasted?

32:40 Will GH injected sub-q in the stomach area help with local fat loss in that area over time?

33:12 Basic overview of Ipamorelin & how you would use it on its own or in combination with GH.

35:55 How much knowledge did you have when you signed up your first client?

38:03 Could you please describe how to design an insulin protocol to get a leaner physique at the end of a course?

38:22 Escalation from 80-120 sets: Should this be done in two escalations over the first half of a course? So two escalations from 80-120 in the first 8 weeks then again for the second half of the course?

39:45 My question was about retiring from sports & needing medication for the rest of one’s life. Does the members site go over how to minimize this risk? (regarding the previous question about not taking drugs)

40:37 In your experience are some anabolics better at improving muscles than others?

42:10 If I got fatter than I wanted, would a minicut be beneficial?

43:54 When ending a course of AAS & dropping back down to TRT, what percentage of the size and/or weight loss is actually lean tissue rather than water & glycogen?

44:27 Would a myostatin inhibitor like YK11 make sense toward the end of a Primobolan cycle help squeeze out every last drop of progress out of it?

45:26 If VO2 max declines with age, why do endurance athletes tend to peak later in life than shorter distance/time athletes?

47:11 Thoughts on just running Test & an estrogen blocker for a blast at higher dosages?

47:30 If you go higher on GH when AAS are lower, would you go higher on insulin in that case, or would you take it out to get more insulin sensitivity when it’s time to push body weight up again with more AAS?

49:32 Would you say that VO2 max is a weak predictor of performance in endurance athletes?

51:09 Besides Metformin & frequent cardio sessions, are there any compounds you would suggest to improve insulin sensitivity for females with PCOS?

53:15 For women, do you think that adding DHEA to their birth control would aid in curbing some of the birth control’s negative side effects?

55:24 Do you think it’s stupid to lower carbs/kcals when going to Sports TRT from higher AAS to get a little leaner/insulin sensitivity before a push again with higher AAS & bodyweight?

56:14 How would you use Melanotan II for endurance sports? Dose, frequency, duration? Is it safe to say that the biggest risk would be RBC elevation?

58:04 Are there any cheaper coffees that you recommend? I’ve noticed most of your coffee recommendations are quite pricey.

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