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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 10-2-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:51 For brewing coffee in a french press, is there a benefit in leaving the ground coffee in for 15-20 min instead of 4?

02:45 What are the effects that esterone has on IGF-1 production in comparison to estrogen?

03:39 What’s your opinion on 6 sets being the lowest volume to promote adaptation?

04:50 What orals affect glycogen & creatine synthase the most?

06:17 If someone is using HCG while on Sports TRT, will some of their natural production be preserved & thus be additive to the Sports TRT dose?

06:57 If somebody accidentally mixed up their Masteron & Testosterone dosages, i.e. they inject 800mg of Test instead of Masteron for a single week, what negatives would they expect to see in the coming weeks?

08:05 Does elevated prolactin grow permanent breast tissue similar to estrogen, or is the tissue of a different variety?

09:12 Do you like the idea of mesocycles focusing on some muscle groups in advanced lifters? I am having a hard time trying to bring up quads & back at the same time.

10:23 Would running Boldenone & Nandrolonen together with a TRT base create a synergy effect?

12:14 Have you heard or seen cardiomyopathy & arrhythmias developing as a result of steroid use?

13:42 Do PEDs have a big impact on immunity? Will they cause major problems for a person with Hashimoto’s disease?

15:23 In regards to niacin improving cholesterol values, do higher doses have greater effects? If so, why do you pin your recommended dose at 500mg? Is it because more causes too much flushing?

17:35 Would you recommend using GH or some other healing peptide after gyno surgery to speed-up recovery?

19:08 Are certain drugs more “calorie dependent” than others, meaning when in a surplus they are more efficient?

22:11 Tony Huge claims that arachidonic acid helps resensitization to androgen receptors between cycles. Do you agree?

23:54 For “on stage” muscle fullness, do you prefer Dianabol or Anadrol?

25:23 Does the better anabolism effect of taking GH at night also apply to cosmetic “anti-aging” effects?

26:18 I know you said that although SARMs have no beneficial use in bodybuilding, but could be beneficial in medicine. Have you ever seen the studies on RAD140 reversing prostate enlargement? Any validity?

27:03 What is it about Dianabol that gives you that feeling of euphoria?

27:50 What do you make of the claim that Metformin’s anti-inflammatory properties inhibit muscle hypertrophy? Could that be too much together with aspirin?

29:00 What are the benefits of niacin?

29:44 Could diuretics be used to help flush out a urinary tract infection?

30:45 A lot of people claim that you need to run at least 1g of Boldenone to get the most out of it. What’s your take on that?

31:05 How long & how often would you have a bodybuilder train the stomach vacuum?

32:27 If hemoglobin was at the upper range with hematocrit at 52, but RBCs & platelets were mid-range, would this still warrant a blood donation?

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