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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 9-29-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:11 Is the half-life a metric of duration of action or a metric of when the drug starts to work?

05:05 In your Q&A Sunday you mentioned you are running both Masteron and Primo. When is mixing then the right tool for the job over just taking one. Is there a mg ratio of each when mixing?

07:33 Can long term Nolvadex show up as E2 in the blood?

07:43 Can insulin syringes be used for IM injections? Can the same syringe be used multiple times?

11:13 If by week 5 of a low dose of Testosterone & Nandrolone decanoate,already having signs of high prolactin would it be safe to assume that I am a poor responder to Nandrolone in that sense? I say prolactin instead of estrogen because I’ve run the same levels of Test before & had no issues, but never ran a 19-nor.

13:50 What’s the right job for Deca?

17:19 Max dose of GH you would recommend a 40 year old female, 5’7″, 140lb, to help recover from a Achilles tendon rupture?

20:49 Could replacing some Testosterone with an equivalent dose of Masteron reduce the risk of hair loss as one ages, due to the fact that DHT derivatives cannot 5-alpha reduce 7 5-alpha reductase increases as one ages?

23:08 Is it possible to get different or more pronounced side effects from different esters of the same drug, even if doses are equated according to half-lives?

24:46 I have a 2 year old bottle of Masteron. Do I throw it out or is there a way to sterilize it?

28:15 Do you have a post-it note rule on the range of weight gain per month when in a hypertrophy focused period?

30:31 100kg athlete running 200mg of Test cyp, 2IU of GH, would you recommend 100mg of Primobolan & 100mg of Deca for muscle building?

32:34 I have used 4-year-old bottles and testosterone and Masteron, worked just fine. (regarding the previous question on sterilizing bottles)

33:35 You’ve mentioned that if you are sensitive to ED and libido issues from Nandrolone usage that you’ll get these side effects at all dosages. During a 16 week course with peak doses of 500mg Testosterone & 300mg Nandrolone + 200mg Masteron I had no issues whatsoever. Prolactin, progesterone was within the reference range but estrogen and DHT was slightly elevated. However, during another course at peak dosages of 150mg Testosterone and 800mg Nandrolone my libido was low and I experienced signs of ED which could not be resolved with the use of a PDE5 inhibitor. Prolactin, progesterone & estrogen was within range. Why might this be the case? Could high levels of DHN affect DHT?

37:03 How do the effects of Melanotan II on increasing insulin sensitivity compare to something like Metformin?

38:40 If taking HGH 5 days on 2 days off to reduce water retention why wouldn’t it make sense to keep the pathway going 7 days and taking one 40mg Lasix a week. Can’t really find much negative health sides to a single Lasix dose a week.

43:39 At what dose do you typically see elevated prolactin levels when using Deca?

45:14 If you had to drop from 17% body fat to 10% bodyfat, would you do it at HRT 3mg per kg bodyweight or wait until the next upcoming course to drop the bodyfat. Which one would be most efficacious in terms of building/retaining muscle, or does it not matter?

47:02 During my last whole blood donation I was asked if I was interested in donating blood plasma. It was along the lines of 2 donations per week for 4 weeks for a total of 8 donations. As I’m unfamiliar how it would affect athletic performance or AAS/GH levels. Could you please elaborate on the difference between donation type (whole blood/ blood plasma) and how it may benefit or negatively affect performance and AAS/GH use after 8 total donations during 30 days?

53:47 Do drugs that affect the aldosterone pathway tend to lead to more kidney damage? Is it true that Nandrolone & Boldenone affect this pathway more? Any thoughts on FSGS?

57:00After a successful hypertrophy mesocycle of ramping up workout volume and AAS, then subsequently going to Sports TRT. Do you have a preference to periodize to metabolite or power in the next mesocycle?

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