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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 9-27-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:09 What’s in the cup today?

02:23 Why does GH cause carpal tunnel while Nandrolone doesn’t?

04:17 DNP for a recomp: good or bad idea?

05:12 Do you feel that grip work is essential for a powerlifter?

07:35 What do you think about instant coffee?

08:38 Do you ever use a belt?

09:43 Is it possible to have an audio-only version of the videos on the members site?

11:00 Do you know why Germans used Turinabol 3 weeks on 3 weeks off?

11:41 Would you use NPP offseason for increasing the size of an athlete? Or D-Bol for an athlete that needs that?

12:50 Is there any reason for neuropathy caused by GH, aside from fluid retention?

13:42 So what did you do for grip when coming up to a comp?

15:06 If taking 1000mg of Metformin doesn’t cause any stomach issues, is it still recommended to split the tablet in half, morning & before bed?

16:06 Do you think it’s a waste of GH if you increase the dose when coming down to TRT (bridge)?

18:01 What is your current cycle?

19:54 Creatinine has remained steady at 1.3, but BUN has climbed up from 16 to 25. Do I have kidney damage? I’m also on 13mg/kg of AAS.

21:56 If after a growth period I see that I was eating too many calories, on the next periodization, if I lower the calories & raise the AAS, would it be possible to lean out while still growing?

24:16 Is it true that Hitler started steroid research?

26:16 Do Clen & Benadryl have any negative interactions?

27:08 When adding NPP to a cycle, do you recommend lowering Testosterone?

27:38 Is there a difference between 25 mins of cardio daily or 3 times a week for 1 hour in terms of cardiovascular health & insulin sensitivity?

29:10 For someone who’d like to experiment with Anadrol & D-Bol, how likely is it to run into estrogenic side effects that would require an AI?

30:48 In regards to the first oral cycle, how would you go about implementing an AI (Arimidex)? How many administrations, how long should you wait before doing a check-up?

31:59 Meant grip work before starting a comp? (Regarding the previous grip work question)

34:47 At what amount of carbohydrate intake do you think Metformin should be taken?

36:38 Any methods to attenuate the appetite suppressing effects of orals?

37:00 If cardio is less preferential for a bodybuilder preparing for a show, how do you most effectively manage fat loss?

39:47 Are you using an AI on your current cycle?

40:02 I’ve seen stoners having more issues with progestins. I believe it’s from them lowering dopamine constantly.

41:33 GGT/ALT/AST, triglyceridesHD/LDL, are in normal ranges, lipase stays slightly elevated (about 20% over the normal maximum range) for some time now. Any advice?

43:28 I have noticed hawthorns with Caber helps them…

44:13 Has Bill Campbell’s recent refeed study altered your views on the matter?

44:38 Is it logical to increase cardio a bit to allow more carb intake for its insulinogenic characteristics when dieting?

46:01 Are there any supplement companies that you trust?

48:02 Aside from sets & reps, do you manipulate any other training variables like tempo, pauses, intensity techniques, etc.?

51:27 Can donating blood keep lipids from going out of whack?

52:20 6 weeks into 250mg of Test, 2IU of GH with 50mg of Proviron . All parameters are good except prolactin (at 32). I have a little gyno around the nipples, could prolactin be the reason?

53:41 When you apply an AI, how long should you wait until you see its effects?

56:57 Any mg/kg recommendations for Boldenone?

57:36 Don’t eat like an asshole!!!

57:55 Thoughts on UFC champ Israel Adesanya’s gyno?

59:03 Do you produce content for non-drug-using athletes?

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