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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 9-25-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:35 If one is on gear & doing everything “correctly” & starts implementing UGL GH, how long after the implementation should they want to check IGF-1 values to check for efficacy?

03:16Brief description of ideal periodization?

04:00 Do you find bergamot…

04:30 Running 300mg of Testosterone & 700mg of Masteron, my estrogen came back at 24. Do you think I should increase Testosterone for extra estrogen?

05:39 How long would it take to have a close to ma strength improvement for 1RM from Winstrol? Seeing how orals fuck up my appetite, I want to use it as short a time as possible pre meet.

07:03 Boldenone mg for mg is more anabolic than Testosterone, but does it still have a greater overall anabolic effect after taking into account less estrogen production?

07:55 Is Anavar directly kidney toxic?

10:36 Periodization for a bodybuilder?

12:53 Is there a common correlation between athletic performance & using AAS & GH, but low iron & ferritin levels?

14:37 In terms of progression & hypertrophy, who’s side are you on, Mike Israetel, Eric Helms or Lyle Mcdonald?

16:27 If AST/ALT came back in the 90s, but only need to be on Anadrol 50 for 4 more weeks, do you think I should continue the Anadrol or drop it?

17:45 If E2 & prolactin are high, are there any symptoms unique to one vs. the other, that may help distinguish which may be causing the issue?

19:31 Is the use of Trenbolone & MENT efficacious for hypertrophy, compared to their counterparts?

20:51 At what dose does GH become more hypertrophic than somatotropic?

21:54 Why do bodybuilders only add cardio in prep? In my opinion, a new stress should be added in a hypercaloric environment to drive better adaptation.

24:00 I’ve seen high doses of niacin recommended for HDL, but I’ve seen recent medical evidence that it doesn’t improve outcomes. Are bodybuilders a different story?

26:16 If Winstrol is so bad on lipids, how did the FDA originally approve it back when it first came out?

28:27 Do you have any post-it note tips for Clenbuterol?

28:57 Is it possible for a male to avoid the initial Test production shutdown if they were to do short 4-6 weeks blasts throughout the year with shorter esters?

29:27 At 80kg my off-cycle maintenance calories are at 2500, but while I’m on Primo I can go as high as 3000 without gaining any fat. What would be your post course caloric strategy to avoid negative body fat percentage?

31:11 I get steroid induced acne when first going on injectables & then it fades during the cycle, but when I take orals I seem to get acne when I stop taking them. Is this just due to rapid hormone fluctuations?

32:48 What level of hematocrit & hemoglobin would you consider to be too high?

34:07 When you say “reset” at the end of a periodization, what could that be considered to be?

34:47 One bodybuilder is in the hospital with an ALT of 2710.

35:42 If blood pressure is 120/70, but creatinine is a bit elevated (1.4), is there any way to lower it?

36:17 How feasible is it to use anabolics & beat a no notice, out of comp USADA drug test?

37:21 Before the 1990 steroid ban, what was the process to legally acquire steroids? Can you speak about recreational steroids then vs. now?

39:18 I Read that Jamaican sprinters use a new DHT derivative called YK-11.

40:01 What is your personal cardio schedule?

41:37 Are there any documentaries you would recommend about anabolics?

42:10 Why has Masteron never been used for tissue repair or muscle loss prevention in the medical community like Primobolan has?

43:08 What dose of niacin do you have clients take? I suffer from bad painful flushing even with the time release version.

44:33 Can you grow tissue in the absence of E2?

45:45 Do you think polyunsaturated/monounsaturated fats help improve HDL:LDL ratios or is it best to avoid any types of fat?

47:13 What will they shoot Joe Biden with before the debate?

47:58 Will injecting GH at the time of eating affect insulin sensitivity?

48:55 How accurate are the best electrical impedance devices?

49:39 If 125mg of Testosterone cypionate puts me at 1200 total Test, is it fair to say that I am a hyper responder?

50:57 Can you restore endogenous Testosterone production after being on it for a year?

51:11 Is there any reason or validity to incorporating refeeds other than psychological break from an aggressive calorie deficit?

51:33 Do you have a rough estimate of how much doses of HCG increase serum estrogen levels?

52:57 Why are orals so effective at improving your cosmetic look?

54:28 Are there any specific side effects that Primobolan has to confirm its authenticity?

56:37Intelligentsia coffee is awesome!!!

57:34 what might be the cause of extreme caffeine sensitivity?

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