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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 9-22-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:12 Is there a difference between male & female athletes in terms of what blood work they should get done?

03:25 How high can Sports TRT be to be sustainable year round?

05:38 If the best time to dose GH for anabolism is before bed, but sometimes I cannot have it at that time. Is the no anabolism benefits to taking GH at other times (like pre workout)?

07:43 Last week I asked why drugs with longer half-lives take longer to work, however I still don’t understand the part where you mentioned that the half-life is x days so the button was only pushed half times…

09:49 Considering a healthy person, is there any upper limit to salt intake?

11:13 Can you combine GH IM alongside BPC with the same syringe at bedtime?

12:14 Would BPC-157 potentially be effective on a 3 year old whiplash injury?

13:25 Is TB-500 effective in non-muscle tissue? If so, would TB-500 be more effective for connective tissue after BPC-157 treatment? Presumably GH and TB-500 would have more access to the targeted area after vascularization.

15:58 Which AAS have you found to increase sexual endurance in men? Have you seen low dose Nandrolone decanoate to increase sexual endurance?

18:10 Can you use GH 2IU, 5 on 2 off, for years straight?

19:00 Is LVH driven more by dose or duration?

19:57 As an 80kg male I’m prescribed 200mg a week of testosterone which puts my ng/dl around 850. This leaves me with 40mg/wk for sports TRT. What compound would you choose?

22:56 Are there any drugs that help heal nerve damage?

25:27 During an AAS therapy, considering the higher doses that athletes use, do some of the enzyme systems involved in its ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion) become saturated?

32:55 If HGH is unobtainable due to cost and availability, is there an alternative that can be used long term?

35:09 Using the right tool for the right job, would you prescribe Nandrolone and Stanozolol for an athlete on a bodybuilding contest prep?

37:23 How do drug tests actually work in regards to if an athlete tests positive can they just claim false positive and drag out a test?

38:55 I’m taking Masteron 700mg, Testosterone 250mg and Anavar 50mg daily. I’d like to increase the dose for my last month of the cycle. I’d like to try Deca. Never took this compound before. What do you think if I take 200 or 400mg of Deca for my last month plus the other compounds?

41:19 You mentioned earlier that one of your regrets is not doing more AAS earlier on. Can you give some examples of your earliest courses and what you would have done instead?

43:16 Although sold as a SARM, YK11 is structurally a DHT based steroid. Have you ever looked into this compound?

43:38 In Lyle McDonald’s Bromocriptine book he mentions Cabergoline but doesn’t delve into details due to its lack of availability back then. If availability isn’t an issue, in your experience does Cabergoline offer the same ergogenic benefits and possibly be better than Bromocriptine for its enhancements mentioned in the book?

45:11 I want to try Nandrolone to increase as much as possible my muscle mass. (regarding the previous AAS stack question)

51:22 You said once it’s good to try different compounds to know what is better for you. (regarding the previous AAS stack question)

52:35 What’s the most effective DHT compound for sports?

53:09 What range of mm of fat measurement do you like to have your athlete’s at when beginning a hypertrophy focused phase?

55:48 Has the members site over last month had some changes under the covers? It seems a nicer user experience on mobile especially.

57:02 Most effective DHT compound for Volleyball?

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