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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 9-20-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:34 If the liver produces more 5-alpha reductase as one ages, should one reduce Testosterone usage with age & shift more towards compounds that do not 5-alpha reduce?

03:00 Is it common that someone’s acne gets better when getting on anabolics?

04:00 From the 19-nor roundtable, do you think some of the supposed joint healing benefits of Nandrolone is just extra protection from water retention?

05:50 Do you happen to know the half-life of methylated estrogen, also how does it compare to regular estrogen regarding fulfilling estrogenic functions & side effects?

06:47 How would you use Nandrolone in conjunction with Sports TRT (to avoid estrogen side effects)?

10:25 I think I remember you saying that 300 is you upper threshold for cholesterol, what would a minimum tolerable HDL level be in your view?

12:13 What does Boldenone aromatize to? I’ve heard claims that it becomes esterone.

12:52 If all bloodwork is near perfect on 250mg of Testosterone & 250mg of Nandrolone, would you still eventually go down to TRT?

14:08 If I’m on prescribed TRT at 200mg per week & weigh 80kg. My Sports TRT would be 240gm per week, but would there be any value in 40mg per week of Primobolan or Masteron?

15:36 Is there any logic in the quite common belief that hard, dense grainy looking muscle can be achieved only via heavy training at high percentages of 1RM?

18:13 What would cause a sudden spike in creatinine from 1.2 to 1.6 in 4 weeks?

19:35 How should one treat carpal tunnel caused by GH?

21:14 How important is immediate post-workout nutrition & the idea of the anabolic window?

21:22 I’m running Primobolan. Would it skew my TRT bloodwork in total or free Test?

22:11 How long does unconstituted Ipamorelin last before degradation?

23:19 I saw someone looking dry to the point that their core literally looked like that of a mummy… Is it just severe leanness & dehydration?

23:50 What exercises would you say are underutilized for growing shoulders as wide as possible?

25:59 When adding in orals for volumization purposes, does increasing the dose increase creatine synthase & glycogen synthase at a certain dose and any more just leads to side effects?

27:28 What variant of estrogen does Nandrolone convert to & is it different from standard E2?

27:59 In your experience, how often do you find that Masteron crashes estrogen?

28:35 How many kcal/kg do you recommend for offseason athletes & where did you get that info?

22:36 Do you find it uncommon that athletes have no bad side effects from estrogen?

31:21 Because of the amount of money & research that the GDR spent on modifying Dianabol to Turinabol to make it a better drug, why bother with Dianabol at all?

32:30 In regards to front loading. If you tilt over the saturation point, are the drugs wasted?

35:46 Why do bodybuilders add cardio in the offseason?

36:21 Do you find that people that respond better to steroids have resistance to dosage & better response to GH?

37:11 How would you approach female HRT?

38:25 What blood pressure medicine would be best for athletes on AAS?

39:23 For someone that wants to compete in bodybuilding (in, let’s say, 2 years max) & health is not a concern, what would be the first, most productive shortcut one should consider exploiting?

40:46 When using R insulin, do you have any post-t note guidelines for duration of use?

42:08 After reconstituting Ipamorelin, if using the entire bottle within 2 weeks, does it still need to be refrigerated?

43:10 Any specific techniques or even exercises to improve lumbar strength with the goal of improving my deadlift & back squat?

43:56 What’s your favorite coffee for french press?

44:48 How much does Tren increase metabolism? If used on a bulk, I always need more calories to grow.

45:48 Is it better to come off completely after prep, or go on TRT/HRT to hold on to muscle, if there are no problems regarding bloodwork?

47:56 I’m doing a cycle with Testosterone enanthate 250mg, Masteron 500mg & Oxandrolone 50mg daily. I always feel headaches when taking Oxandrolone. Is it normal & what can I do to reduce the headaches?

48:40 When I looked up Nandrolone aromatizing a few days ago on Wikipedia, it claimed that it converts to estradiol.

49:40 Do you have any experience with berberine?

49:55 If someone could have very high estrogen & not have any negative side effects, how should we go about elevating estrogen? Increase the Testosterone?

50:44 On average, how many mg/kg do you think the average UFC fighter takes?

51:35 In reference to the female HRT question, maybe referring to replacing all the female hormones?

51:50 In reference to the effects of anabolics vs. GH, I’m one example of someone that doesn’t get much from anabolics, but GH at 4IU completely changed my physique.

52:30 I never use a belt either, I don’t understand why everybody jumps to grab a belt. (in reference to the previous question on techniques to strengthen the lumbar muscles)

53:20 How many weeks out should one switch from long ester Testosterone to short ester Testosterone?

55:08 When I use short esters I get more strength. Why?

55:19 What book regarding bodybuilding would you suggest?

56:39 Just checked “Anabolics” (by William Llewellyn) & it stated that Nandrolone converts to estradiol & not a 19-nor variant.

57:20 John Meadow’s cardiologist recommended that he go down from 200mg of Test to 100mg of Test after his heart attack. After all his years of high use will this really make a big difference?

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