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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 9-18-20

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01:30 Have you noticed an ability to handle higher frequency training without changes in relative volume when introducing GH?

02:27 How long should one stay at 2IU of GH before escalating?

04:02 Intra workout nutrition? If so, what?

04:15 What is the half-life of oral Methenolone acetate (Primobolan acetate) & what would the dosage schedule be for stable blood levels?

06:02 For anabolism, would 6IU of GH be optimal before bed or slip into more doses?

06:58 What coffee blend do you have today?

07:33 If my Endo is tracking Test levels, will adding Primo raise a flag?

08:49 Periods of 2 times a day training for offseason strength & hypertrophy?

09:57 When using your post-it note nutrition macro guideline, do you have any recommendation on how much carb intake can be sugar or no concern given all gets broken down into glucose?

13:19 Does the DHT family increase motor learning more than the center column family?

13:43 First cycle was 250mg of Testosterone & 200mg of Nandrolone for half a year. would you add 30mg of Dianabol to top out a massing phase?

14:43 What side effects would you expect from 60mcg of Clenbuterol per day?

15:29 Do 19-nors bring out extreme jealous tendencies in some people?

16:11 Is the use of beta blockers with Clenbuterol useful to reduce cardiac damage?

16:22 Would switching from hypertrophy training to strength training, would you lose more muscle size due to lack of hypertrophy stimulus?

17:07 Would you limit or exclude caffeine when using Clenbuterol to not overdue stimulants?

17:48 Would it be beneficial to increase the dose of GH on higher calorie days?

18:41 Taking Cialis for lower blood pressure gives me nose congestion. Any tips?

19:43 Is there a ratio of kcal/mg for Clenbuterol use?

20:14 Is there any data how long the insulin sensitivity gained from Metformin use lasts?

21:25 Have been on TRT 2mg/kg for years, haven’t done a course for over 10 months. I’m getting hairy as fuck… Is it because I’m getting older?

23:00 Tried Viagra & helped with blood pressure. Is it possible that I have blood pressure issues?

24:12 Other than increasing doses of AAS, insulin & GH, how can one make sure that they are “getting an elevator”?

26:25 At 550g of carbohydrates a day, I find it hard to add more “whole food” carbohydrate sources.

27:32 Which oral causes the fastest, most drastic changes in athletes?

27:59 What do you think about 700mg of Primobolan as an addition to TRT for the purpose of tissue building?

28:44 What is your take on low intensity cardio year round to maintain beta-oxidation pathways & some enzymatic processes?

29:24 Does GH affect fat distribution in regards to visceral/sub-q fat or male/female fat distribution?

30:50 You once said that besides genetics, insulin sensitivity is the most overlooked factor in hypertrophy. Could you please elaborate?

32:04 Is AAS use in USA Weightlifting lower than in other sports, or is that dogma?

32:41 If seeking only nitrogen retention, why would high Test + Finasteride be inferior to TRT +anabolics, since Finasteride & Test have more research than anabolics?

33:53 20k steps per day with no cardio, blood markers are in check. Is it safe to add in Boldenone without adding cardio?

35:20 Does Longer Lower Slower apply to AAS, in light of the fact that Testosterone suppression is highly related to duration?

36:30 Have you seen any new studies that show Boldenone to reduce estrogen & not 17-estradiol?

37:44 Is there any specific book on programming for hypertrophy that you recommend?

38:21 Does reconstituted GH lose potency quickly?

39:41 How close to bed do you recommend the last meal & why?

40:54 Rather use Primo or Masteron as lean tissue builders in an offseason stack or use both?

42:12 Considering the similarities, why does Masteron promote muscle growth & Proviron does not?

43:43 With regard to female PED use, is Proviron a drug you would consider quite often?

43:55 Could chronic stress increase the amount of aromatase produced & therefore increase the amount of E2, on the same mg/kg despite bodyfat being within a 2% range?

45:37 Are differences between DHT & 19-nor derived DHT due to how they interact with the androgen receptor or how they directly impact various tissues?

47:22 What is the most common scenario where you find the need to increase the protein from 2 to 3 mg/kg assuming that the athlete is using 10mg/kg?

48:10 My libido decreased after adding Primobolan to my TRT.

49:47 Can anabolics be used to maintain and/or build muscle while recovering natural Testosterone production?

51:15 Which sports league do you think has the hardest drug test to beat?

52:00 Which oral is the best choice for quick strength gains?

54:10 With Metformin use would it be safer to go higher in body fat percentage in the offseason?

54:39 Do you ever see a situation where you use Bromocriptine or Cabergoline as an ergogenic aid?

55:09 What would happen if someone drank injectable Testosterone?

55:42 Does the more androgenic nature of Masteron compared to Primobolan fall into the category of “chemistry is a fickle bitch”?

56:41 Primo as a TRT year round?

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