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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 9-15-20

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01:12 What is MHN (Methylhydroxynandrolone)?

03:48 Does incorrect cuff size or positioning affect both top & bottom numbers?

04:43 From my understanding, you prefer to add either T3 or T4 after finishing Trenbolone use, rather than during Trenbolone use. Considering this, if you had someone using T4 to synergize with their GH & they were to start Tren, would you have them take T4 out or continue through?

06:33 Once an insulin pen is opened, how long will it last until it loses some of its potency? Would you store an opened pen in the fridge?

08:27 What’s the difference in terms of modality in which testosterone builds muscle compared to an anabolic steroid?

12:30 What is the best way to determine the decay rate of a drug?

16:06 How much easier is it to gain muscle on anabolics. even in a deficit?

17:40 You mentioned that your grandfather was on Dianabol for years. Did you observe any noteworthy change in him, or have some interesting story about this?

19:35 I have been taking 200 Testosteron cypionate , and 300 Deca, I added 300 mg of EQ and within a week or so my sex drive crashed and I got ED. I get bloods before adding a new compound and about 4 weeks after adding a compound. after 4 weeks of “EQ” my estradiol levels were down from 32 to <10. Testosterone went from 1000 to 1200. Test/Deca are from a compounding pharmacy and prescribed, EQ is underground. could EQ do this to my estradiol or is it possible someone would add an AI into the oil itself? or any other theories on why crashed estradiol? 21:53 What are the OTC supplements you personally are taking? 22:27 How far along would T4 to T3 conversion slow down on 2IU of GH? 24:24 I've decided I'd like to experiment with Nandrolone as my HRT instead of Testosterone. If I ordinarily use 175mg/wk of Testosterone enanthate for TRT, would applying 250mg/wk of NPP for 6 weeks be sufficient to make a reasonable determination? 25:35 A friend of mine has type 1 diabetes. So he has basically unlimited supplies of insulin. I wonder how you would apply insulin with a person who doesn't produce it himself. Also would Metformin still be useful for him? 28:16 Would cream of tartar be an effective way to supplement potassium vs. other sources for someone with potassium issues? 29:14 Does aspirin have any problematic interaction with Clenbuterol? 30:14 So you said that Proviron was shit drug but the reason I take it is it helps improve my mood or it seems too… I'm doing 250mg Test and 100 primo would I be better swapping my 100mg Primo and Proviron for 100mg Masteron? As currently my mood and generally wellbeing is more my focus. 32:01 Could you explain your caliper method you use and what bf ranges a bodybuilder should push up to before a caloric deficit for fat loss? 35:45 Could DHB completely replace Primobolan in a 120kg bodybuilder using peak dosages of 15mg/kg looking only for protein expression or do you believe that this would cause many issues? Assuming that 1mg DHB leads to the same protein expression as 5mg Primobolan this individual would use 300mg Testosterone with 300mg DHB instead of 300mg Testosterone with 1500mg Primobolan. Looking at this from a cost and money saving perspective. 30:37 Is it true that high levels of estrogen relative to testosterone in a male causes more fat gain, particularly in areas where females tend to store fat? 40:19 What do you think about kickboxing as GPP for weightlifting, for a long term plan, assuming that proper periodization is in place? 41:43 For the goal of preserving long term thyroid function, how would you use t4 during high androgen periods? 44:40 Is DHB particularly sensitive to high temperatures or oxidation compared to other common AAS? For example if mixed at around 75*C? 47:12 First time using GH at 2IU before bed. Is it wise to stay at 2IU for a few months to allow the body to adapt to systemic changes before moving up to 4 or 6? If so, how often to move up per IU?

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