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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 9-13-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:51 What’s in the mug?

02:12 Who is Frank N. Steroid from Arthur L. Rae’s book?

02:48 How should we decide if we increase weekly sets by 10 or 5 in the 80-120 set Mesocycle if mesocycle length is not a factor to consider?

04:31 On Sports TRT Testosterone’s always at the upper end of the range, but estrogen is low (20-30pg/dl). Am I missing out on some major benefits?

05:51 At what rate does Dianabol metabolize? How liver toxic is it? How long have you known or heard of people taking it without complications?

09:20 Does DNP “clear out” androgen receptors?

11:54 When structuring your first cycle, instead of using just Test as a base, would it be possible to pair it with Nandrolone (50/50) or would you suggest some other ratio?

13:20 Do BCAAs have a place in training or are they just a waste of money?

14:45 Are Primobolan & Masteron similar mg to mg for anabolism? Masteron usually comes in higher doses, so from a cost & injection perspective it’s easier to use.

17:11 Do you think that Raloxifene can substitute Nolvadex for bodybuilding purposes?

18:20 Can you explain how Tren is known as a recomping compound, while other AAS don’t get this designation?

19:11 Is insulin still useful for a beginner powerlifter who is not yet hypermuscular?

20:28 For a strength athlete, would you recommend Materon or Primobolan & in what doses?

22:05 Other than the form of administration, is there any difference between oral & injectable compounds?

23:27 Do you ever see Primobolan have negative effects on the lipid panel?

24:33 Peter Bond mentioned that DHT derivatives are weak anabolics because they are quickly metabolized.

27:03 Do AAS inherently lower SHBG & if SHBG is high, could that be a cause for a cycle to not produce the expected results?

27:35 Alex Kikel has a video on DNP’s effects on binding constant.

27:50 How likely is it to run into thyroid issued with moderate doses of GH (2-4IU? Does it have to do more with duration or dose?

29:36 What about EAAs?

30:18 Could you use Testosterone & Nandrolone together for total estrogen values? (regarding the previous Testosterone & Nandrolone question)

33:03 Are the anti inflammatory impacts of aspirin a concern in the muscle recovery process?

33:41 Could you please explain what could be the reason for having cramps in the feet at the beginning of a course of AAS?

34:44 Why does Superdrol make me look better than any other drug?

36:10 Is there any sense to use all the AIs in a pre contest drug protocol?

37:38 Would you recommend the use of an AI based on total Testosterone levels?

38:26 Would you say that injectable Winstrol can be used as an anabolic similarly to Primobolan, as it would not have the estrogen-negative side effects compared to Masteron?

39:39 What’s the craziest required calorie intake you have seen for a bodybuilder?

41:47 Do you find that larger bodybuilders during contest prep are hungry, or do they still need to eat so much food that it’s not an issue?

42:44 My doctor doesn’t care about my low ferritin levels (lowest was 10, highest was 45). In the end I have to supplement with iron or I get really tired. My B12 levels are fine, could it be low levels of B9?

44:17 Is it common to have sleep quality impacted by GH?

44:28 I’ve been diagnosed with low iron levels since I was small. Is there a specific underlying issue that could be causing this? I’m not a vegan or plant based hippie.

46:12 Do you think old school bodybuilders used low doses of steroids?

47:52 I still remember that max repetition contest where Derek Poundstone pulled 405 from the floor over 30 times.

48:41 Regarding injectable Winstrol, would you still limit its use according to your rule for orals?

49:04 Are there any negative effects if a 100kg person eats 20g of sodium per day?

50:54 Is it common that some people feel mentally/sexually better on low estrogen?

51:47 Vitamin C is needed to convert iron from F3 to F2.

52:35 Thoughts on using Masteron & Primobolan in the same cycle?

53:09 100mg of Primobolan every day & 100mg of D-Bol every day is nothing compared to some of the insane protocols from Neil Hill…

53:46 Where did the idea come from that certain drugs need to be taken in certain ratios?

54:04 When taking GH do you recommend lowering sodium levels?

54:17 What broscience do you think to be true that is not confirmed by science?

56:19 Do you have bio/chem textbook recommendations for a better foundation in pharmacology?

57:19 Since insulin drives IGF-1, does it make more sense to eat more fats & fewer carbs on rest days?

58:10 Why do propionate ester specifically cause PIP & inflammation, but only in some people

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