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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 9-11-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:31 Is it ok to keep GH that has not been reconstituted at room temperature?

02:10 How is Broderick’s book coming along?

02:38 What dose of GH does it take to activate noticeable myonuclear donation?

04:18 How to train a muscle 1.5 times per week.

06:22 Which would generate more anabolism, 200mcg of Ipamorelin a day or 10mg of MK-677 a day?

07:16 What’s a good average number of hard sets in a dieting phase, to leave room for cardio while training enough to keep muscle?

07:59 When Trenbolone is 5-alpha reduced, is it altered to the same molecule as Nandrolone is?

08:42 Applying insulin immediately after a workout. Any good alternatives to a traditional protein shake?

09:11 If you eat raw meat, do you get any of the glycogen stored in the meat?

10:14 Other than estrogen management & cost, what are some other reasons to implement Drostanolone over Methenolone?

11:01 For the goal of pure contractile muscle growth in a offseason, in a non-athlete, would you recommend that all additional mg come from Materon/Primobolan with a baseline of Testosterone?

12:46 Since IGF-1 DES runs through you so fast, how exactly does it work & how important is the timing?

14:14 What are the ways the kidneys can be damaged if one does not have high blood pressure?

15:20 Which compounds are better to keep muscle in a fat loss phase?

16:54 Are there any over the counter appetite suppressants worth using?

17:31 Is it true that smaller muscles require & can handle more volume?

19:32 Is carb cycling new in bodybuilding? Is it effective?

20:00 In terms of bodybuilding, how often should one be training to failure?

20:13 Is there a T4 shortage worldwide?

20:45 Are BPC-157 & TB-500 as good as they say?

21:30 To get the “volume look” is there a difference in taking NPP compared to Deca?

21:56 Are you still planning on coming to the UK in the winter?

22:07 Since Nandrolone & Trenbolone are from the same family tree, why are the hair loss different?

23:21 Would you create more anabolism in a muscle group by keeping it’s volume the same, but reducing the volume for all other muscle groups, thus leaving more energy to recover?

25:10 How significant is Metformin’s effect on IGF-1 in real world application? Can it affect muscle hypertrophy to a significant degree?

26:49 Have you worked with John Meadows? Seems you guys subscribe to a lot of similar beliefs.

27:07 Would an acute bolus on insulin have an effect on endogenous Testosterone levels of a Type I diabetic that does not use androgens?

27:48 If not using insulin, does the glycemic index of food matter?

29:51 Do you think that injectable L-carnitine would have efficacy for fat loss for someone who is already lean & looking for that extra % & trying to stay away from Clen & DNP?

30:37 Based on the type of muscle fibers, would low rep heavy weight be an ideal calf training technique?

32:17 Deca vs. EQ for volumizing a muscle group? Do they volumize by elevating estrogen?

33:38 When overtraining is suspected during a course of AAS, would increasing calories and/or mg be as effective as a training deload?

34:26 When GH stimulates IGF-1 production in the liver, is it dependent on the glycogen content in the muscles & liver of incoming carbohydrates?

36:43 Do you have a general limit of NEAT activity, such as steps, that you recommend staying below so it does not negatively impact training progress?

38:56 Heard that muscle cell swelling itself causes hypertrophy, does this mean that products that improve your pump improve hypertrophy?

40:38 Once somebody is photoshoot lean & wants to volumize for a shoot, could you use Deca in a calorie deficit & then continue the cycle after the shoot in a surplus?

41:49 Can you talk about your favorite PEDs?

42:56 Are you still taking the THC for sleep? I suffer from insomnia as well & have recently tried some THC/CBD edibles & have greatly improved my sleep quality (not quantity).

44:04 I know track & field is one of your favorite sports, just curious if you have worked with any high level cyclists?

45:14 I would love some content related to evolution & general biology.

46:54 Any books on evolutionary biology that you recommend?

47:07 When do you find it beneficial to structure a mesocycle based on daily undulating periodization?

49:13 Do you recommend PCT & if not, why not?

50:10 When will Broderick’s wife, Ceinwen, bench 315?

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