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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 9-8-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:15 What are the best protocols to enhance strongman prowess whilst also maintaining a decent level physique?

05:12 When coming off anabolics, is GH an effective bridge in the short term? Any other considerations when coming off drugs while still being athletic & competitive at a sport?

10:11 We know fasted cardio is not a great fat loss tool, however, if using HGH in the AM for fat loss wouldn’t it be necessary?

11:35 How “bad” are simple sugars?

16:02 Why do long esters take longer to work?

20:32 If Meldonium inhibits an enzyme that contributes to carnitine biosynthesis, which then inhibits long chain fatty acids from being shuttled into the mitochondria, how does that increase the rate of fat loss?

22:28 A lot of “smaller” guys (small for competitive bodybuilding) get kind of a “skull face” When they diet-down to 3-5% bf. The same guys 8 years down the line with an extra 30-50lbs of muscle now have kind of a fat looking face, even when they are 5% BF their face looks 15+% BF, could you explain why that is?

24:25 Do you believe that the 192AA GH is commonly mis sold when buying 191AA Chinese generics? Also, if someone were to use this when trying to use 191AA, would this negatively affect results to a significant degree?

28:01 What’s the best way to handle the question from family, friends, coworkers, etc.. “are you on steroids?”

29:02 I was perusing the anabolic/androgenic ratio list and wondering how it got to be so different from common experience. For example, surely Anavar isn’t actually 4x-8x as anabolic as Primobolan. The androgenic numbers on the list seem reasonable, but the anabolism numbers just seem all over the place.

31:00 I have previously used a low carb diet with baseline insulin (for weight loss) with good results. Would adding Meldonium assist?

32:10 What’s an easy first time insulin protocol to follow with Sports TRT after a cycle?

32:27 Chinese are bigger capitalists than Americans!

33:26 Does growth hormone affect sleep? When taking 20mg of MK-677 at night I sleep deeper and have very lucid dreams. Is there a connection GH release and dreaming?

34:56 100kg male with a 24h weigh-in powerlifting meet. What’s the recommended way to start drinking & eating food again after a moderate 3-4 weight loss from sodium?

37:42 Strategizing from natural to competitive in Olympic weightlifting?

41:01 Health-related question: 26-year-old, currently on 250mg Testosterone and 200mg Masteron. PSA came back at 2.5 three months ago. Two weeks ago PSA was at 5.2. Urologist wants to retest in a few weeks. No issues with the prostate and no family history of prostate cancer. I was cycling the evening before the blood test, which could explain the elevated PSA. What is your opinion on this?

43:10 I get uncontrollable hunger later on in the day around 7 PM even if I’ve eaten a couple hours before….currently taking 2IU GH when wake up, 850mg Metformin and 50mgs Proviron everyday then 250mg Test/100mg Primo weekly. Is it something I’m taking or timings?

45:52 In regards to your male pornstar DHT/Cialis/Bromocriptine or Cabergoline “stack”, how would one look for a female pornstar?

48:00 What kind of programming are NFL players typically using during the season to be fully recovered by game day?

50:05 This might be an odd question but what does raw Meldonium powder smell like?

50:36 The effect of androgens in autistic populations?

53:08 Do you usually see side effects from 1mg of Nandrolone per kg bodyweight? Considering upgrading the Sports TRT protocol from all Test to 1/3 Test, Masteron & Nandrolone?

55:11 Is Meldonium available on Alibaba?

55:55 Cost & inconvenience aside, would a course consisting of Primobolan & supplemental estrogen work better or worse than a course of Testosterone & Primobolan, assuming equal mg, for hypertrophy purposes?

57:23 Generally, what is the dose of GH before fasted cardio that you would start to see diminishing returns purely for its fat loss effects?

58:48 Have you ever personally seen Trenbolone cause gyno in an individual? It’s said by some that it’s possible through progestogenic activity.

59:16 Have you seen any DHB derivatives yet?

1:00:11 Assuming LDL cholesterol and triglycerides are low, is there any danger in having an accompanying lower HDL?

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