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TeamevilGSP Live Q&A 9-6-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:27 In your experience, would a creatinine of 1.3, BUN of 32, be a concerning starting place of a modest 5mg/kg cycle of Primobolan & Testosterone? Hadn’t trained for 2 days before the blood draw.

03:20 What is the mechanism behind GH improving sleep?

04:30 Would DHT derivatives initiate prostate issues (hypertrophy/cancer) if someone has a family predisposition?

06:31 Does Primobolan raise blood production?

07:00 If GH is not an option due to pituitary microadenoma, do you think using MGF would be a valid substitute?

07:39 In an ampoule contains 250mg of Testosterone & another 250mg of Nandrolone & I would like to split those for twice a week injections, what’s the most sterile way to do so & will the oil go bad?

09:22 Is taking Anadrol 3 days out for a powerlifting comp going to have an impact or should you implement it in the peak?

10:55 You’re all about longer, lower, slower, however, what would the minimum amount of time be to receive hypertrophic benefits from Primobolan acetate? For example, would 2-4 weeks provide any noticeable hypertrophy?

13:06 What measures of insulin resistance should I use to see if an intervention like Metformin or chromium is making a difference for insulin resistance?

15:20 If a woman has genetically higher testosterone & thus higher masculine characteristics (mild facial hair growth, etc.) is there anything that can be done with drugs to make them more feminine?

16:19 If taking GH & insulin at the same time, would the substrate liberating effects of GH be enough to cover the substrate needs of a low dose of insulin to not go into hypoglycemia?

17:34 No, 2 ampoules, one of Testosterone & one of Nandrolone. (regarding the previous question on using ampoules)

18:04 For injecting AAS, what size needles do you generally recommend? Is there any benefit to IM vs. Sub-Q?

19:33 I was rather curious if using it, in that case, would be safe & would not influence adenoma growth. (regarding the previous question on MGF usage)

20:35 What is your preferred drug to lower blood pressure in an athlete?

21:45 How much water do you recommend for an athlete? Is it dependent on body weight or calorie intake or both?

22:58 Does chronic & high does GH increase the growth of the skull & overall height?

24:27 If D-Bol & T-Bol are oral versions of Boldenone, do they add any value to a cycle that already has Boldenone?

25:49 In static conditions, how much do calories need to be raised when adding GH?

27:28 Looking at David Herrera’s Powerlifting Pt. 2 video, he is on 250mg of Testosterone, 500mg of Masteron a week. Do you have some kind of ratio you use between them?

28:28 Would Finasteride be one of the better options? (regarding the previous feminizing drugs for women question)

29:22 Do you think it’s realistic to maintain the weights you were using the weights you were using at the end of a drug cycle on the 80-120 sets, when going back down to Sports TRT?

30:43 A while ago when you were talking about Boldenone & it’s oral brethren, do Boldenone & other injectable drugs not increase creatine synthase at the same degree?

33:12 In that case would you recommend using creatine in the offseason?

33:50 Off-topic, have you ever tried Madcap coffee roasters? Another lighter roaster is Counterculture C.

35:12 Is Masteron good at mediating the potential estrogenic negative from Nandrolone & how do we estimate what a good ratio would be?

36:24 Can Metformin lower fat gain while eating in a surplus?

36:56 Did you read Mike Mentzer’s article where he states that he eats 60g of protein per day? Do you really think he ate that little?

38:27 Recently tweaked the left side of my lower back. Now even sitting down gives me pain in that area. How do you advise getting back to heavy training?

39:22 Could low dose Dianabol be used in a fat loss phase to keep fullness, or would the water make it too hard to track fat loss?

42:00 1 year ago I did an IGF-1 test while on 500mg of Metformin & 4IU of GH, my Somatomedin-C came in the low 90s. Why did this happen?

43:37 Dorian Yates claimed that he gained 20lb of muscle from 20mg of Dianabol per day in 6 weeks. Does that sound like bs?

43:58 Would you be king to shed some light on his (Mike Mentzer’s) anabolic use?

44:50 Does taurine & B6 lower cell hydration caused by GH the same way they help with back pumps?

45:36 How would you generally approach stripping 5kg of fat off of someone over the course of a year via diet & training?

46:35 Yes I was on a very low carb diet. (regarding the previous GH question)

47:27 Using insulin for fasted cardio?

48:09 Would adding Dianabol to TRT be a valuable thing? Could you replace TRT with Dianabol & make it HRT?

48:58 How many times do you “push the elevator button” before you reach peak dosage at the halfway mark of a 16-week course?

50:54 Is it true that a given plasma level of Testosterone from exogenous use results in more anabolism than the same blood value produced naturally due to the more constant blood plasma value?

52:04 If joints are cracking more often, would that mean estrogen is higher than usual due to extra synovial fluid?

53:26 Would it ever make sense to use Dianabol while on TRT? (regarding the previous Dianabol & TRT question)

53:51 Does GH cause carpal tunnel?

55:22 Would an incorrect cuff on the BP machine skew only the top number or both?

55:54 In the Madsen files, Randy was on 500mg of Testosterone per week for bodybuilding purposes. What should we consider before using more than 3mg/kg of Testosterone? Your idea was to have more E2 to drive IGF-1, etc.?

56:44 Are escalations in AAS always planned or sometimes autoregulated?

57:23 Fun question: Knowing that you hate the Westside guys, is there anything they do that you actually agree with?

57:58 Would you care to explain the neurological benefits of DHTs?

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