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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 9-4-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

02:00 Do you feel that your daily cardio interferes with your powerlifting & strength training? Do you reduce cardio only when focusing on strength?

03:36 What are your ratios for French press coffee?

05:15 Can you stay at Sports TRT year-round or are there any benefits to going down to a regular dose TRT protocol?

06:40 Does Diazepam negatively impact anabolism?

09:03 What are your views on the long term use of Cardarine?

09:24 First time steroid user stack in general?

09:34 Your opinion on taking Sibutramine in conjunction with other drugs for fat loss?

10:16 Would you agree that the difference between tested & untested powerlifting is smaller than in bodybuilding & if so, why is that?

10:41 When I eat high amounts of calories during a course (Test & Mast) my aggression remains normal day to day even with difficult people, but skyrockets when lifting weights. Can you explain why?

12:33 For how long do you recommend taking Sibutramine?

13:22 I signed up a few days ago to the members’ site but haven’t been added to the Facebook group.

14:17 Would you ever recommend calling off a cycle or changing compounds a month into it while only at half peak plasma dose if acne sides are getting bad?

16:12 Regarding my previous question on cardio & strength, does the same apply to bodybuilding hypertrophy training (not a fat loss phase)?

18:15 Would a 3-5 day interruption every 3-4 months from GH use be significant?

18:57 I usually run 2IU of GH in the AM for fat loss & general leanness rear round, but during this course of AAS for anabolism, I took the dose up to 4 before bed. When I go back to 2IU will it be less effective?

20:21 Is TSH a concern while using Metformin?

21:03 Would you consider the use of Kava for sleep?

21:44 Will Lasha snatch 500 in 2021?

22:03 What is your recommended drug to use for TRT & why?

22:57 You mentioned you use Naproxen for 7-10 days once a year…

25:03 For a lean, 80kg male on TRT planning 16 week Primobolan cycle with a planned 500mg peak dosage at week 8, what would be a good target weight gain that would not lead to gaining fat?

26:30 What is your favorite light roast coffee?

27:19 Does Ephedrine antagonize or agonize the α2 receptor or does it only impact the β2 receptor?

28:02 Any benefits to cycling caffeine?

28:12 When anabolics are said to improve neurology, like those useful close to a powerlifting meet, what aspects of neurological signaling are enhanced?

29:47 Is there any way to curb nausea that sometimes comes with Metformin?

30:40 How do AAS preferentially hypertrophy slow-twitch fibers, is they also tend to cause a migration to fast-twitch ones?

33:38 How do you periodize a year of training if hypertrophy is your goal?

34:07 For a physique competitor, what muscle do you think typically is the most underdeveloped & if you had extreme development in that muscle it would make you stand out of the crowd?

35:19 Travel in the US. Would you bring your anabolics, or just suck it up & miss a dose?

36:12 Are there any peptides that would benefit a powerlifter that doesn’t need to increase body weight?

37:05 THC & sleep. Do you find it hinders recovery?

37:21 On average, if you add 10lb of lean mass how much do you guess that increases your maintenance calories?

38:18 would you altogether avoid NSAIDs for hypertrophy?

38:52 How often do you personally take time off training?

39:06 Do you have a favorite combat sport, excluding MMA?

39:41 Some guys say they get better results on moderate doses of AAS compared to higher doses. Is that a case where side effects are so bad that they outweigh the extra anabolism that the extra milligrams give?

40:52 500lb is 6kg up on Lasha’s training PR, do you think he will get that much stronger until then?

41:03 Increasing AAS doses during a cycle vs. keeping the doss the same for optimal performance?

42:13 Do you have a favorite NFL team?

42:17 What is your opinion on cold-brewed coffee?

42:48 Why does steroid-induced acne seem to target the back more?

43:02 I was reading an old Dan Duchaine article explaining how he used an ace inhibitor (Captopril) to aid in stubborn fat loss in the long term. Does this currently hold any efficacy in your opinion?

43:58 What coffee would you choose if you did not care for the taste but only wanted to wake up & get you focused?

46:52 What are your thoughts on lifting weights while having to wear a mask? Do you think in 6 months from now we’ll still be wearing masks?

47:42 Total drug quantity equated, is taking more time off better for health & side effects?

49:14 Is there a point whereas chronological age goes up, one becomes more or less sensitive to PEDs?

51:09 If using EQ as a replacement for Testosterone on a cycle, what would be a good starting point? I was thinking of 200mg EQ to replace 100mg of Testosterone for its estrogenic effects.

52:01 Do you ever have someone who functions more optimally at the top end of your dietary fat range & has lowered performance or lowered body composition if they stay toward the lower end?

53:03 Is there any reason in bodybuilding to eat a salad?

53:30 Just started a cycle of Ostarine & I also took Crderine. Would 5mg of Cardarine be too little?

54:10 We know you don’t care about naturals, but how can low IGF-1 levels while cutting cause muscle loss in a non-drug-assisted athlete?

55:13 I’ve heard you mention that many people grow the fastest when they are having gyno issues. Why do you think that is?

55:42 Weather is so fine on the Gold Coast (Australia)!!!

56:30 Top 3 thoughts & tips for PCT?

56:47 Does Boldenone aromatize to 17beta-estradiol or to another form?

57:01 Can one restore the natural production of testosterone after using drugs?

57:25 Difference between Primobolan & Masteron?

57:53 What are the “must visit” spots in Australia in your opinion?

58:59 Does high estrogen cause slack/weak tendons temporarily? Heard women’s menstrual cycles can do this with the ACL, so maybe males too?

59:12 Have you ever been to the Caribbean?

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