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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 9-1-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:18 What specifically causes muscle cramps on MK-677 and GH? My forearms biceps always lock up when putting shampoo in hair every time I use it.

03:10 Does DNP cause the body to produce less uncoupling proteins in the mitochondria? If so, is there an average time for the body to come back to baseline production of uncoupling proteins?

04:53 If one is using GH with AAS and has glucose within range 2 hours post meals any benefit of using Humalog?

06:36 If the post-injection pain from DHB is too much for someone when doing multiple higher volume injections a week, would it be reasonable to use it in conjunction with your Sports TRT levels of testosterone on the low end with around 100mg DHB a week? Or would it have a high probability of producing a deleterious effect on blood work/health markers used that way?

08:37 If using 2IU GH before fasted cardio in the morning for fat loss, would it be advisable for the first meal post cardio to be protein only? Would a protein/carb meal inhibit the lipolytic effects to any meaningful degree?

08:51 Is there going to be a restock of the coffee cups?

09:55 How does Primobolan acetate compare to injectable primo mg for mg?

12:16 Any applications where acute elevated blood pressure may be useful?

13:32 I would like to know your thoughts and opinions on what is the best way to periodize on a 12-week cycle, and why.

15:49 Trying to diagnose my huge jump in appetite over the past 10 days. The only changes over the past month have been changing TRT dose from 175 to 200mg/week and adding 250mg/week of Primobolan. Any ideas?

18:40 How often is Masteron faked compared to other compounds like Primobolan or Anavar?

21:54 36-year-old female, 80kg, looking to curb appetite during calorie restriction phase, thinking Salbutamol might be suitable and easily obtainable, suggested protocol seems to be along the lines of 4mg x 2-4 times a day? Being a beta 2 agonist is there a need to cycle on and off to maintain the appetite suppressive effects?

25:15 How much Nandrolone decanoate (mg/week) is sufficient for long-term clinically relevant joint support/collagen synthesis?

26:38 I understood from your Q&As that trying to take, 5-6 mg/kg AAS year-round in fear of shrinking down is a dumb idea. That said – hypothetically speaking – how much more muscle would you expect someone to hold onto year-round if they were using a Sports TRT dose of 5 mg/kg as opposed to 3 mg/kg all the time?

29:09 For someone in a fat loss phase using a carb cycling approach with very low carbs and higher fat for 3 or more consecutive days then 2 day re-feeds…

29:52 For someone on TRT that does not have to worry about suppression without replacement, wouldn’t something like Ostarine be a better anabolism choice to bridge courses of AAS than Clenbuterol which could be harsh on the heart?

33:13 If someone was periodizing training, hitting protein targets, but the rest of the diet was relaxed in regards to carb and fat amounts but were in a surplus (long term holiday, enjoying a lot of social occasions, whatever) would they theoretically still gain lean tissue, would it just be suboptimal due to fats and carbs not being dialed in?

35:33 During contest prep, do you recommend lowering training volume? If so, do you have a post-it note rule about it?

37:09 Does Trenbolone increase thyroid function by increasing T4 to T3 conversion or is it increased through another pathway?

38:23 What is your approach to cuts, do you suggest doing them while only on Sports TRT or would you suggest a higher overall dose to limit lean tissue loss while in a deficit?

40:38 Do you intend to ever make a generic version of your recomp protocol available for sale?

41:33 Fat loss and muscle gain at same time, thought you mentioned that at some point, but that you charge for it… (regarding the previous recomp question)

44:48 If a bodybuilder reaches the upper end of the body fat % range you set for them, way ahead of schedule, what do you typically tell/advise them?

47:25 Do you ever prefer that someone goes on sports HRT with Nandrolone instead of Testosterone when in between high dose AAS cycles?

49:12 To clarify, on the recomp protocol I was not talking nutrition (my bad), I follow your recommendations exactly. I was thinking more about your version of a recomp protocol like Alex Kikel explains using DNP+Anadrol+Insulin if you are familiar with that.

52:18 Is it true that Nandrolone is uniquely dangerous for the heart?

55:31 Is Trenbolone affected by or altered by the 5-alpha reductase enzyme in the body?

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