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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 8-30-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:27 Any recommendations on how to deal with the flu? Is it necessary to take time off if it’s only a sinus infection?

02:49 If you can only obtain Testosterone & require 10-15mg’kg, would the utilization of Clomid benefit IGF-1 & serve as protection against unwanted estrogen side effects, such as gyno?

03:14 As a rule GH in the AM for fat loss & before bed for anabolism, but if on cycle wouldn’t before bed give you the best of both worlds by putting more of your calories towards muscle?

04:51 In Australia & a UGL is selling Primo 200mg for the same price as other products. Most likely fake or should I take a leap of faith?

06:32 I love that you are putting up training videos! Your squat videos are crazy!!!

06:55 What blood pressure monitor do you use?

07:53 Not that I’m complaining, but what’s the mechanism in which it is so hard to gain fat while running Primo in a pretty good calorie surplus?

08:55 Alex Kikel: I have this playing with my headphones in while I’m cutting the grass… so keep me entertained

09:24 My sperm count is 1/10 of normal after 500mg of each Test & Deca for 8 weeks. Would HCG help increase sperm count?

10:53 Is it practical to send your own blood sample for drug testing to confirm what you are taking =, rather than the substance itself to avoid legal issues?

11:53 My blood sugar is always on the low side, fasting in the 70s, 2h post meal 90-100. Is this normal?

12:26 Do you count warm up sets toward your total volume?

14:35 That 16 rep set with 140kg SSB was crazy!!! Love the little stumble at the end.

15:22 When you say Hatfield rule, do you mean 50% of working sets in the hypertrophic range?

16:03 How would you time insulin after GH administration?

17:23 Love your practical application series, seen it 10 times! Will you keep adding to it?

18:42 Do you consume any caffeine outside of your coffee?

19:22 If Primo & Masteron are not an option, what would your next injectable AAS of choice be for a lifter that tends to have higher water retention?

20:57 Knowing that my estradiol is 29pg/dl on my 175mg/week TRT, when wanting to add D-Bol to my cycle of TRT & 400mg of Primobolan, how much would you lower the Test dose to not get estrogen side effects?

23:27 Thoughts on IGF-1 LR3? Are all IGFs useless & is Increlex the only one worth using?

24:09 For what job is Equipoise the right tool?

26:27 As a person of Sub Asian descent, I am thinking of starting Nandrolone only for my Sports HRT. If Nandrolone can cause a decrease in estrogen, what can I do potentially to resolve this?

29:30 What is the purpose of IGF-DES when you could just take GH & why do some people use both?

30:35 Does Primobolan improve sexual function, or will the effects depend on the introduction of Testosterone later in the cycle?

31:36 Do you know much about the myth about the death of Serge Nubret? He was guest posing in his 70s but then suddenly went into a coma for 2 years & did.

32:57 What is the best source of simple carbs for a post-workout shake & how much protein & carbs should be consumed?

33:18 Have you ever worked with any South Asian athletes e.g. Pakistan & India, is so have you seen anything interesting in drug responses e.g. 19-nors?

35:18 What other books besides Llewellyn’s “Anabolics” do you recommend furthering one’s knowledge about AAS?

36:44 What’s your take on Proviron & it’s benefiting?

36:50 As far as GH 5on 1off, would you be able to remove water retention if you took it 7 days straight & just threw in one Lasix every few days?

37:35 Is the androgenic rating what determines body hair growth, or do certain compounds have a unique ability to do this regardless of rating?

39:08 Since Trestolone convers to 7α-Methylestradiol, can Arimidex or Aromasin work with this estrogen? What about Masteron?

40:56 What are your thoughts around the great Ben Johnson controversy of the 80s? Was he essentially crucified & made a scapegoat?

43:02 Given your dislike of Trenbolone, when do you actually recommend it?

44:57 Does GH increase prolactin? MK-677 did not. I’m taking Dostinex for a macroprolactinoma.

46:00 For someone with a lumbar herniated disc, that can’t deadlift, what would you substitute in?

46:23 Detail the benefits of Metformin for fat loss.

46:48 You mentioned that muscle swelling has anabolic properties, is that the case for additional benefits of 19-nors & orals in the offseason?

47:40 In terms of biological activity, is there anything negative about having whey or pre-packaged egg whites as a primary protein source vs. the whole food versions? The reason I use them is for convenience.

48:36 What drugs would sprinters typically use back then?

49:28 Is USADA really good (thinking of all the shit in the UFC) or do they just have dodgy motives?

50:58 I meant .5mg of Dostinex has kept it in range for years & 30mg of MK-677 did not increase that value. Can the same be said about GH?

51:26 I mean “good” in the sense of catching drug users. (regarding the previous USADA question)

52:02 Do GH & steroids synergize?

53:09 @hollywoodbuilt has an article on the members site where he touches on low back & disc issues

53:51 If requiring a drug to drive up RBC for an event 12 weeks in the future, would EQ be a good choice or would something faster acting like MT-II be a better choice?

55:45 How many milligrams of Slo Niacin do you take per day?

55:37 Where would acute increases in blood pressure be a good thing?

55:55 Do you believe that in the future there will be more research on steroids, that we would get more Primobolan-like drugs?

57:56 For lowering blood pressure, do you think high-intensity cardio is more effective than low-intensity cardio?

58:23 Love the member’s site! Do you expect to have more David Herrera interviews in the future?

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