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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 8-28-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:27 What payment methods are available for the members site if you don’t have a credit card?

02:02 Love the members site! Outstanding content!

02:27 When programming, how do you judge the minimum volume requirements for a certain body part that’s less of a priority for the mesocycle?

03:47 Lots of people ask about losing hair. Nizoral can help, but what about the rest of the body turning into a hairy gorilla even on TRT? Anything to help with that?

04:28 Audio versions of the Q&As?

05:14 Why do Anadrol & Dianabol give me acid reflux?

06:19 Would there be any side effects that happen to almost anyone when starting drug use?

07:27 Higher Test always gives me extreme bloating, even with AI usage. I would like to keep Test/EQ low do to estrogen, how would you advise experimenting with adding purely estrogen?

09:43 For hypertrophy purposes, what is a good starting dose for Ipamorelin & at what dose do diminishing returns set in?

11:07 If someone has a very small amount of gyno is there any way to treat it with drug use?

12:02 Could you please explain how to use T4 for anabolism? I understand that 100mcg replaces a 100kg person’s natural production.

15:15 If rest days are Monday & Friday is it better to take them off of insulin & GH or stick to the 2 consecutive days?

16:57 Once you meet your daily protein target, are additional grams of protein or carbs more useful for anabolism & does that change if you are running a course of AAS or not?

18:43 By what mechanism does DNP increase insulin sensitivity & should there be a noticeable improvement with a 2 week course of 3mg/kg?

20:48 If someone is already anxious to a level, will starting drug use make it worse?

21:24 Coming off & wanting to continue my TRT dosage. Now at 120kg around 15% body fat. Can I slowly reduce Testosterone dosage to a point where I start losing strength & then increase it to stop losing strength?

22:18 Is there an effective time frame for compounds, if so are they the same across the board, or does the half-life play a role in this?

24:20 I have used 0 Test, but 250 EQ instead. My libido & performance seem to be down, therefore I wanted to add estrogen.

25:08 Which muscle groups have the highest concentration of androgen receptors & does that affect work volume needed to grow over the course of a course?

26:40 I’m running Testosterone at 1mg/kg & Nandrolone at 4mg/kg, my next course would have the same Testosterone dosage but with 6mg/kg of Nandrolone. I was told this will lead to ED. I would like your opinion.

28:38 Hypertrophy = future strength potential. How does the muscle change when switching from hypertrophy style training to strength training in terms of appearance & internal structure?

31:33 Do the 2 days off of GH have to be consecutive?

32:25 Are you planning to do a DHT derivative roundtable?

33:27 Does dosing GH at night for anabolism create a negative feedback loop when switching to the morning?

34:30 Let me rephrase my finding a maintenance dose of Testosterone, I know you say 2-3mg/kg. What’s the best approach to keeping gains & not overdoing Testosterone use?

35:59 Have you already decided on how you want to continue or change your training? Thanks for posting your squat workouts!!!

37:03 If a person responds poorly to an average amount of a given drug, does that almost certainly mean that high doses wouldn’t bring much else than more side effects?

37:55 What would be the best training approach if the goal was to bench 225lb for as many reps as possible, like for the NFL combine test?

41:37 If you plan on competing in powerlifting again, will you push mg to previous highs?

42:16 How many half-lives does it take to reach peak blood plasma concentrations with sub-q versus IM injections of Testosterone?

43:15 When you say in your intro “breaking the laws of your land or any other” do you mean any other land?

44:12 Laxatives the night before peaking for an already lean person to flatten their stomach as much as possible?

45:16 For someone going to Sports TRT after a cycle of AAS, do you have a general rule for how long they should stay on Sports TRT before starting AAS again?

46:11 Do you ever not wear TeamEvilGSP t-shirts?

46:37 Can Sport TRT be run year round? Say 200mg Test & 200mg of Primo for a 80kg person?

47:12 Any reason why someone would deal with constipation from androgens that’s not because of estrogen being too high?

47:58 Typically in what timeline do you see quantifiable results on GH? Sleep first, then fat loss/ hypertrophy, etc.?

49:00 If my prolactin is high due to high estrogen, would you bring it down with a dopamine agonist & then just control estrogen, or would it still require something to lower prolactin?

50:34 Injections & supplements for meniscus tears?

51:37 Does DNP age you? Guru Ameen said it does, kills your cells, damages your DNA replication & causes cancer later.

53:58 How would you compare the risk of long term heart damage from Clenbuterol vs. ECA stack? Do either of these represent a significant risk?

55:01 How long should you stay at maintenance after a cut?

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