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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 8-25-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:20 In terms of DHT conversion, in relation to worrying about prostate health, would Masteron be a better or worse choice for the prostate when compared to say Testosterone?

03:40 What dose of injectable Primobolan would replace a dose of 20mg of Anavar for a female in a dieting phase?

05:44 Masteron is said to be much more androgenic than Primobolan by many. Is this because of the estrogen lowering effect and thus higher liberation of DHT?

06:45 I understand orals have a hunger suppressive quality, but which family tree derivatives increase hunger, and is it the compound itself or the increase in body weight that causes an increase in hunger?

08:50 How long should wait after an oral cycle before repeating the use of orals?

11:47 What are your action points when SHB is high (double the reference range), resulting in low free T (total testosterone is in the mid to high reference range)?

13:35 If using GH in the morning to liberate body fat, is there minimum time after the injection before doing cardio? Will pinning IM help speed this up?

15:56 You posted on IGTV a book you were reading & the topic was testosterone transport, the role of SHBG. Is that book recommended in the book section? Are you going to post scientific books also?

17:20 Given how long a course is, is a factor for women to consider in regards to side effects, what is the shortest period of time they could run a course and still have a worthwhile effect?

19:52 Collete Nelson suggests using Lantus twice a day if one is running elevated fasting glucose. Do you agree with this why not only before bed?

21:20 What are your thoughts on MIC injections? (Methionine Inositol Choline) Seems like it would pair well with GH.

22:02 Would SARMs affect the standard T/E ratio test? I personally don’t use SARMs, this question is purely hypothetical. If an athlete was drug tested using only the standard T/E ratio test would they be able to beat that test using 2mg/kg weekly of testosterone together with SARMs (+ other non-AAS compounds that are not relevant to this specific topic)?

23:53 For a first time Trenbolone user, would you generally recommend using Trenbolone acetate? So that if there is a problem, the Trenbolone is faster out of the system.

24:54 In a well balanced hypertrophy program what muscles do you think have the biggest overlap compound exercises this should require less isolation volume? My guess would be front delts and traps.

26:20 If using an acetate ester (Trenbolone) and the target weekly mg dosage for Trenbolone is 300mg, I assume you would have to administer 300mg each half life, therefore every 3 days (roughly). Is this correct? Secondly, would the efficacy of this dosing scheme be about equal to administering 300mg Trenbolone enanthate every 7 days (roughly)?

27:26 If a somewhat suppressed appetite is desirable for someone (due to an overly large appetite) even in the offseason, how would this modify your compound selection, if at all?

29:00 For a bodybuilder on a high dose of AAS that is adding in HGH for their first time ever, do you generally believe they should use insulin with it? Would this change depending on any factors like if their primary focus is muscle gain or fat loss?

31:50 I believe you’ve mentioned in the past that you find exogenous ketones useful in certain instances…

32:58 If you have a client that shows a high value electrolyte level like sodium or potassium, is it a reasonable approach to just lower that electrolyte intake from diet, or do I need to look at something else?

35:52 TeamEvilGSP coffee cup review – Those coffee cups are divine. Everyone should buy one!

37:15 I think he was referring to you talking about using MCT. (in reference to the exogenous ketone question)

40:06 Would acne tend to manifest from androgenic side effects or estrogenic side effects?

44:00 Aside from Anadrol, do any of the DHT’s significantly increase RBC production?

45:18 What mechanism makes insulin with GH more effective?

48:06 You mentioned that doing too many reps e.g. 20-30 rep sets you slowly convert to slower twitch fibers. Does this mean you would advise only using this rep range sparingly?

49:42 Would you recommend going to a physician or a TRT clinic for TRT or just do it on your own?

51:52 Would 192 AA HGH show up on a growth hormone serum test the same as 191?

54:38 When it comes to prostate health, specifically prostate hyperplasia, would something like a DHT derivative (Masteron/Primobolan) be worse for prostate health than say testosterone?

56:28 Does the USADA passport just test for consistency with regards to GH?

58:06 After starting a Sermorlin type of product is there a typical length of time it takes to start feeling the effects or benefits?

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