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TeamEvilGSP Live 8-23-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:04 How would I plan a 8 week course with Primobolan enanthate, based on your practical application series first course? 5mg/kg weekly, injections for 5-6 weeks & let the half-lives take care of the rest?

02:45 What would be the most effective way to test the legitimacy of GH using a blood test?

05:03 How likely is it that Primobolan lets me push my Test a little higher (250-300) without getting estrogenic side effects?

05:32 Have you ever gotten tightness (almost like tendonitis) in your quad tendon a day after injecting?

06:37 If one has a super micronutrient deficient diet, tracks calories & protein, but eats very little whole foods, can they just have a higher dose multivitamin & B complex?

07:49 Why are the first changes taking effect from my Primobolan cycle, dropping a little weight & leaning out in a good way while strength has gone up?

10:00 I’ve heard you say that you can lose up to 50% of gains after coming off. Is this thanks to the natural test production not being high enough to sustain the new muscle?

11:09 Have you tried squatting every day?

11:24 Based on the content from the practical application series, your stance on PCT is that it only should be used when natural production won’t start.

11:37 What side effects can you get from 2-3g of Primobolan?

12:17 Do you count core exercises in your sets/week?

13:50 What factors should I look at when deciding if a DHT derivative or 19-nor would best help accomplish my goals of muscle hypertrophy?

15:15 Is the fact that GH causes increased lipolysis & as such allows a physique athlete to stay leaner while eating extra calories as much a factor in its effectiveness as the increased hyperplasia aspect…

16:00 Is there any application behind cycling off TRT? Just convenience or red blood cell volume?

17:15 If using 4IU of GH per day, would you prefer it in one bolus dose or split into 2 injections?

19:20 You say that Primobolan is almost a side effect free steroid, but at very high doses, which side effects can a mild product like that bring?

21:15 Do you think a deficiency in mitochondrial biogenesis is a common rate limiting step in anabolism? How can we make sure we aren’t stuck in that rate limiting step?

22:18 Worst sport in the world?

22:43 If there is no benefit to cycling off TRT, is there any benefit to cycling off Sports TRT?

23:51 Is there any drug that has less side effects than Primobolan?

24:36 Are there any drugs that are game changes for diabetics with heart disease & visceral fat?

26:02 Is there a hypothetical minimal effective dose for AAS?

27:30 What are your current physical performance goals & coaching/career goals?

28:23 What are your benchmarks for a recreational bodybuilder? Are there any targets to aim for?

29:55 What drug would you recommend in the offseason for someone who needs volume & doesn’t tolerate 19-nors well?

31:40 Adding Primobolan to my course resulted in harder erections & increased libido, but significant delay or inability to orgasm. Should I be worried that my Primobolan is Nandrolone?

33:30 Have you given Ostarine a look?

34:03 Does Methanolone suppress appetite, or is that only for 17alpha-alkylated drugs?

35:15 Does Masteron lower IGF-1 & should athletes be worried about it?

37:31 Would Steranabol be the top choice for a glycolytic block if you could get a higher concentration product made?

37:53 I heard Randy Madsen say in one of the Madsen Files that he still uses Arimidex sometimes. If he had successful gyno surgery, why would this be needed?

40:00 Any benefits in escalating an AAS dose vs. running a constant dose for a cycle, given the same total amount of AAS for the cycle?

41:02 What’s the minimum dosage & duration of GH a bodybuilder should run?

41:41 If blood work is perfect on HRT of 250mg of Testosterone & 250mg of Nandrolone for over 10 years, is it still required to go down to a TRT dose?

44:10 Do you have an upper limit for BUN/Creatinine when reviewing blood work?

45:06 Is anabolic signaling more like an “on/off” switch, rather than a dose response?

46:52 Do you think a certain split for training is the best or is the main focus total sets/week for each muscle group?

48:43 What about training style? Is the “stupid” bro split better for enhanced athletes because we have longer MPS than naturals?

50:53 Coffee recommendations!!!

51:13 Do you still recommend trying to maintain bodyweight when finishing a course & going on Sports TRT?

51:23 Do you think there is a link to pancreatic cancer or liver cancer & oral steroids?

53:33 If I have 6g of fish oil a day, should I include that to my total fat intake of the day?

54:35 Can you talk a bit on the mechanisms of insulin resistance?

55:30 Other than how full/lean/stringy a muscle looks, what are some other things to look at if one needs a 19-nor for carb/glycogen/creatine support?

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