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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 8-21-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:45 Can Anavar be used for prolactin control?

02:00 Any method to prevent androgenic-alopecia from AAS usage?

02:55 Is it common amongst athletes you coach to see healthy blood work with 500mg for many years, all year round?

03:49 Can Testosterone or Nandrolone cause hypertension not through excessive water retention, but through vasoconstriction?

04:34 Added 200mg of Primobolan to my 200mg of TRT 2 weeks ago & already seeing positive changes. Was going to escalate the dosage to 400mg/week. Should I just stick with the plan & ride it out with the low dose?

05:54 Best foods to eat? Strategies to make thyroid produce less T3?

06:28 Would the myostatin inhibition of Somatotropin reduce the necessity for AAS escalation over time?

07:12 What coffee are you enjoying most currently?

08:08 Do you include fiber in your daily carbohydrate intake target & does that fiber have any benefit towards anabolism?

10:03 Is there any research or have you seen any evidence of practical difference regarding DHT vs. 19-nor-DHT?

11:16 Opinion on using Test with no ester (suspension) before a powerlifting meet?

12:45 If having difficulties getting potassium intake up during a caloric deficit, would using salt substitutes like potassium chloride sprinkled in my food work?

13:53 If there is one receptor, why do mild alterations to drugs have such drastic differences in expression?

16:36 Is there anything bad in getting 80% of my carbohydrate intake from oatmeal?

17:20 Do you believe there are legit Chinese GH generics?

17:51 Two different brands of Testosterone, both from the same pharmacy, one brings noticeably better libido. Possible or placebo?

18:37 If someone has poor genetics, however is quite pharmacologically enhanced (12mg/kg) would you still recommend 2g/kg of protein or up it to 3?

20:11 AAS do not burn fat, however if one’s maintenance calories was 2500 & kept calories the same, wouldn’t more of those calories be partitioned towards anabolism thus reducing fat?

20:54 Do you run insulin & GH year round?

21:02 Have you been able to sleep better with the THC gummies?

21:27 Favorite oral for offseason?

21:38 You once said the majority of top bodybuilders work up to 200 total sets/week. Is there any specific reason you suggest 80 to 120 & not try to work up to 150-200 sets?

23:01 Could someone build muscle continuously on TRT with GH, as GH continues to build up over time? Wouldn’t that be the healthiest version of “Longer Lower Slower”?

25:13 Often hit nerves when I inject into my quads. Any tips on where & how to hit quads without the zingers?

25:57 First time taking Primo & feeling run down. Primo sides or systemic fatigue? Been training hard for a long time, training not suffering but daily energy levels are.

28:07 Are there any sports you won’t touch in terms of coaching because you hate them & their athletes?

28:25 Is retiring from enhanced sports without needing TRT or other injections for the rest of your life possible?

29:33 Can people with fat to lose on anabolics in a deficit, gain the same muscle they could in the offseason because of energy stores?

30:31 Estrogen varieties may vary in terms of potency, do their effects remain the same albeit at a varied intensity or differ physiologically?

32:18 Absolutely love your members system! Thank you for what you do! Only suggestion should be to make the Q&As in an audio format.

34:07 If the reference for insulin is 5-25, can you talk about what it means to have insulin values below or above the reference range?

34:53 Exogenous insulin while cutting. Thoughts?

35:26 Recently heard Dave Crossland say that ED from Deca is caused by lack of DHT & that adding DHT compounds like Primobolan could solve this. Is that true?

36:09 Do you think Charles Kochakian book “Anabolic androgenic steroids” is worth a read?

36:49 Any idea why the New Jersey governor is keeping gyms closed?

37:43 Other than mineral deficiencies or dehydration, what can cause muscle cramps?

38:53 If you are just starting GH, any strategies/drugs that could build muscle & burn fat?

40:00 Does GH affect other biomarkers other than glucose, like eGFR?

41:18 Is up/down-regulation controlled by the androgen receptor through autoregulation?

42:21 Any evidence to suggest that Nandrolone causes permanent damage in brain function?

43:48 Hyperthyroidism – I think is the cause of my insomnia. What would you do to counteract this?

44:40 Is there a difference between pharma GH & generic GH?

46:52 Does the total number of androgen receptors have to upregulate for a few weeks to make effective use of 6mg/kg?

47:33 Are there any drugs that are especially synergistic or conflicting with someone that is using DHB to build muscle?

48:05 Do you feel fragment 176-191 is effective?

48:40 Dave Crossland also mentions that all factors considered, Deca will be a lot more beneficial than Testosterone in terms of mitigating negative sides. Do you generally see this trend in athletes?

49:53 Isn’t the AR gene specifically that controls tissue level expression of androgen receptors?

50:36 Are you aware of any ways to test/analyze for the plaque you were referring to with Nandrolone?

51:47 GH – What does the research say in terms of decreasing lifespan?

53:25 Have you seen Peter Bond’s “Book on Steroids”?

54:29 What are your thoughts on 3 times MENT at 150mg/week with Sustanon at 500mg/week for a 125kg athlete during a short term rebound?

55:24 Was there a lot less douchebaggery in the ’90s?

58:11 Low dose Tren made me calm & placid, used a low dose of Deca at a different part of my life. Considering it increases anxiety, never experienced it before. Dropped all Nandrolones.

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