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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 8-18-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:30 Is it correct in assuming that orals should be taken on an empty stomach with food decreasing its bioavailability? If so, how would you take Anadrol pre workout if training in the PM? Is there a preferred time of day or window you like?

04:54 Where did the myth “wait x amount of minutes after HGH injection before eating” come from?

06:00 How would you go about getting your own labs & who could interpret them the best?

09:00 Aren’t the anti-catabolic effects of Clenbuterol negligible if the user is already advanced and using 20mg/kg bodyweight of AAS? Therefore choosing the 10 days on / 4 days off paradigm for fat loss would be more efficacious?

11:25 Would a TRT doctor be necessary? (regarding the previous blood work question)

12:43 For 80-120 sets for 8-10 weeks do you recommend for someone who’s doing that style of training for the first time that they evenly split sets for each muscle group (8 sets weekly for each) or should they prioritize muscle groups right off the bat?

16:55 Can AAS cause fatty liver and what I can do to avoid it?

18:28 What would happen if you just stayed at 5mg/kg body weight all the time?

19:55 What AAS do you think Hollywood actors would use to get in shape quickly for roles?

23:02 Follow up on practical application series strategy of running AAS for 4-6 weeks before introducing Testosterone to limit suppression time, if you were to choose Primo would you find 3-5mg/kg as a good starting point or is that a little low for worthwhile results from Primo?

24:24 How did you begin upon the 80-120 concept? Was this something you learned from a specific mentor or did you simply notice this range to be most effective through trends over time?

27:08 Regarding insulin: What are the reasons for your general protocol 5 days on 2 days off?

28:55 Insights into Broderick’s current squat training!!!

30:25 What are your thoughts on acute nitrate supplementation specifically beetroot to improve performance during hard training for BJJ?

31:39 From a movement/skill perspective, outside of improving neurology through things like Masteron and insulin are there any other compounds and/or OTC supplements you find to be beneficial in conjunction?

34:12 For the periods in between courses (on Sports TRT) would you recommend keeping training volume more static or would you still escalate?

35:50 With the positive effect of GH on skin, how likely do you think it is that many of the Hollywood stars who are 50 but look 35 have been taking GH for many years/decades?

36:32 When entering an anabolism period by adding Primobolan at 300mg/week on top of my TRT dose of 200mg/week along with my 2IU of GH dosed in the morning should I move my GH to an evening dose or just use the Primo to drive the anabolism? I’m thoroughly enjoying the fat loss effects of GH and my goal is overall body composition. (80kg male)

38:32 So let’s say someone was to start a 80 sets and work to 120. Then someone else was to start at 100 yet stay stagnant in terms of sets and simply escalate load. In your opinion, how considerable would the difference be?

41:02 Maximum number weeks of 10mg injectable Winstrol for a female dieting down 6 to 8 weeks?

43:03 Many folks tend to prefer a more static and generally lower volume approach, which is why I bring it up. (regarding the previous volume vs. intensity question)

44:58 Via what mechanism does NSAIDs use like naproxen lead to potential heart attacks?

45:58 I’m seeing so much marketing bullshit of pro hormones/SARMs/SERMs lately. Do you, as an expert of supplements, see any real reason or purpose to run any of these knowing how toxic they can potentially be?

47:43 If someone gained, say 5kg of muscle using 10mg/kg of AAS during a course, how much more muscle would you expect him to maintain if he stayed at 5mg/kg or 2-3mg/kg afterwards?

49:33 Why did bodybuilders from the golden era stop the use of sodium during contest prep, while modern bodybuilders only take it out a few days before a contest?

52:41 When do you reach peak plasma concentrations of a drug?

56:23 Is there an alternative to bacteriostatic water, if you run out, for reconstituting HGH?

59:12 Can I reuse sterilized vials when making my own bacteriostatic water?

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