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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 8-16-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:42 Please explain how injectable Dianabol is a 17α-alkylated AAS & holds hepatic toxicity even though it is injectable.

3:22 What do the different top colors mean for HGH?

04:15 For Olympic weightlifters, which steroids are most commonly used?

05:15 Best to worst steroids if someone is prone to male pattern baldness? I’ve used Superdrol once & it didn’t cause hair loss.

05:55 Is Genotropin only available in the pen format?

06:25 Having watched the podcast where you discussed in-depth the flaws with PCT methodology commonly used, do you find that individuals return to normal markers longer using Nandrolone only compared to Testosterone?

07:54 You don’t like the term PCT…

08:39 Some of the scenarios where Turinabol would shine over the DHT derivatives?

10:02 For a 36 year old male who wants to go on Sports TRT, 200-300mg/week, what would your recommendations be for an additional anabolic compound if body composition & strength were priorities?

11:04 Recommended steroid/PED for someone who had ACL surgery?

11:51 I know your general recommendations for Sports TRT dosing, but is there a general Testosterone blood value you would recommend people try to achieve?

12:46 Other than Proviron, which steroids lower SHBG the most?

13:20 You mentioned that Sibutramine is an appetite suppressant with essentially no amphetamine characteristics. With this in mind what would be the latest that it can be taken & not interfere with sleep?

14:33 Does it matter what causes the suppression or the duration of the suppression? (regarding the previous Nandrolone vs. Testosterone question)

15:54 Have you noticed heartburn with Masteron? Is this a common issue?

16:04 Why do you consider Methyldrostanolone a shitty steroid?

17:02 Is it true that after 3IU of GH the body absorbs each additional IU less effectively?

18:24 What is the common length of time for an individual to be sufficiently suppressed using Nandrolone?

19:27 Have you heard of unlock levels & their continuous glucose monitoring?

19:42 For health, how much cardiovascular fitness do you like to see in a male powerlifter & by which metrics?

22:00 Have you found a difference in results when injecting intramuscular vs. sub-q when using Testosterone & Nandrolone?

22:27 Do you think continuous glucose monitoring is the future of fitness?

22:41 You’ve mentioned that while Primobolan should be generally low on the androgenic side effects, some people tend to get really bad hair loss, do you think that could be because Masteron is often sold as Primobolan?

23:51 Are there any certain negative health effects that are unique to Anavar?

25:04 If one does not get the appetite increase from MK-677, would the results be the same as using Ipamorelin?

25:30 Would 125mg of Testosterone per week be average equivalent to TRT doses?

26:30 Dave Palumbo & other bodybuilding pros go off after 20 years on & off. Is it likely that they would ever have production back as they claim?

27:33 As someone who is knowledgeable & a fan of old school bodybuilding, what did you think of Ferrigno’s physique?

28:50 Why do MK-677 & other compounds that stimulate the production of GH not have the same fat loss benefits?

29:38 What compounds should be the choice for a first steroid cycle & dosages should be used?

30:17 What is the ideal range for hematocrit for an androgen using athletes?

30:52 Why do people complain about sore or dry joints when using Winstrol?

31:09 What’s the lowest rep range on compound lifts you would recommend when the goal is hypertrophy?

31:25 Can you start steroids if your cholesterol is 7?

32:24 Does low impact cardio like walking on a treadmill affect leg recovery in a negative way?

32:46 What are the negative health effects of taking one Lasix a week to reduce bloating?

33:58 Would you combine Testosterone & Dianabol, or do you think it’s not a good option?

34:51 Can 3CC be injected into the thigh?

36:06 When you were squatting 800lbs, how many sets of squats per week were you doing & what was your rep range?

37:30 What can I do to lower cholesterol?

38:26 I’d like to use Trestolone…

39:08 How are your feet now? Any better?

39:42 Broderick, Alex Kikel & Andrew Triana collaboration!!!

41:12 Is your preference not to rely on orals in the offseason mainly due to liver toxicity issues?

43:02 When is the After Freedom Podcast with Alex Kikel going to be released on the members site?

43:42 For bodybuilding endeavours, do you think 10 sets of 10 every four days is too much volume too often?

44:45 Other than price & availability is there a reason an athlete would choose Stanozolol over Oxandrolone?

45:14 If I would like to use Trestolone on a cycle, is Testosterone always needed, or is the estrogen made from the Trestolone enough?

46:43 If gynecomastia was not at all a concern for someone would that change the maximal viable Sports TRT doses?

47:42 Which anabolic steroid do you think had the biggest impact on sports when it was created and/or made?

48:33 Are there any unique features of DHB which you could recognize immediately?

48:47 Lyle mentioned that Progesterone was detrimental to physique & health? Which effects or consequences does high progesterone put one at risk for?

50:03 Besides Primobolan, Masteron & Nandrolone are there any common AAS that you rely on during courses for bodybuilders?

51:08 Once you said that Turinabol is probably the drug that crossfit athletes should be praising, not Oxandrolone. Why is that?

52:14 My idea was to use Trestolone instead of Nandrolone in a cycle, basically an experiment. Hope it will bring good results.

53:54 Are center column drugs more suppressive than DHT derivatives?

54:07 If hematocrit values are off for someone, which steps would you take?

56:08 I’ve had chronically low blood iron, RBC & hemoglobin. Should I consider using Boldenone instead of Testosterone as my HRT?

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