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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 8-14-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:24 Could one expect water retention when starting insulin? If so, does it go away after an initial period?

03:35 If one is using Ipamorelin or MK-677 before bed, at what time should Metformin be taken in order to curb elevated blood glucose levels?

05:03 If Prednisone elevates blood glucose, can you use Metformin to reduce it?

06:16 Do androgen receptors downregulate after long term AAS use?

06:30 Does insulin taken by a type 1 diabetic (so in isolation) confer a notable anabolic effect?

08:07 Based on your elevator button analogy & assuming the user is running a high dose of AAS wouldn’t it make sense to workout full body every other day for maximum hypertrophy?

10:55 I donated blood & 8 weeks later my endo said all is fine but RBC is still elevated. Does that take longer to come back down than hematocrit & hemoglobin?

12:40 Typically, how many mg/kg do you find it takes for a male to gain muscle while losing fat at the same time during a 300-500kcal deficit?

13:33 25mg of MK-677 gets my IGF levels to right around 350, 2IU of GH gets my IGF levels to around 350 as well. Are there any other benefits that GH offers behind the scenes over & above MK-677?

15:47 At what age did you become committed to your sport & how do you know if someone can be committed or not?

17:13 What is your opinion on using Concerta XR first thing in the morning to curb appetite throughout the day & give extra focus/energy?

17:54 What blood work should an androgen user get done?

21:05 Because drugs are so similar, in what instance would you implement Winstrol instead of Anavar?

23:04 What are your thoughts on Primo for contest prep?

24:00 Does a thyroid value of 2.6 (range is 0.47 to 4.7) combined with iron deficiency resulting in low RBC/hemoglobin/hematocrit & low WBC indicate you’re too lean & have suppressed immune function?

25:36 The list of side effects of Clenbuterol includes muscle cramps. What would be the mechanism behind this & how could you treat said cramps?

27:54 On average how much time does it take for a good chunk of the initial water weight from insulin to go away?

28:57 How would you pyramid up dosage & training to a dose of 400mg per week of Primobolan on top of my normal 200mg per week of TRT?

31:11 Concerta is Methylphenidate.

32:23 Is there a typical range that IGF-1 increases to with 2IU of GH?

34:36 What AAS tend to be safest and least safe for the heart?

36:38 Which kind of coffee would you use for an aero-press?

38:23 Could prednisone lower testosterone levels?

40:00 How concerned are you that Democrats will be successful at frauding the entire election?

40:56 Lantus vs. Humalog for the offseason?

41:40 I know you said that Proviron is a particularly crappy drug, but what are some instances where it does come in handy?

42:45 Can a high dose of Anavar produce the same voluminous effects on muscles that Anadrol does?

43:03 For years never really wrote training programs. I know what days of the week I’m training what body parts, go in & hit them hard, then every few months throw in a deload & repeat. Dumb approach?

44:16 Can a person achieve the majority of their muscle & strength gain potential without exceeding 10mg/kg?

45:11 What is the best way to increase nitric oxide?

46:26 How do people tolerate 50mg of Anavar per day?

47:18 Would a hypercaloric diet increase libido?

47:57 When I use Oxandrolone 25mg gives me hypertension but 12.5mg does not…

48:56 300mg of Testosterone enanthate for 8 weeks for a first ever course?

49:15 Does Primobolan lower or retard IGF-1 values?

49:30 How often do you find athletes needing to go significantly above 3mg/kg of Testosterone because they’re using high doses of Masteron & estrogen is getting lowered too much?

50:17 How do the effects of Furazabol compare to a drug like Stanozolol or Oxandrolone for a speed-strength athlete?

51:43 What is dimerization in regards to GH?

54:18 What is your suggestion for a first time PED user?

55:20 Are contaminants like Nandrolone, or similar easily detectable drugs, a concern when sourcing raw anabolic compounds from China?

55:46 For purely anti-aging purposes, how would you dose GH, Ipamorelin or MK-677?

56:20 Could you please reiterate your aspirin dose for AAS users?

57:10 Have you seen the documentary Icarus? If so, did you like it? I’m surprised that only 150mg of Testosterone Propionate & low dose GH increased his performance that much.

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