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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 8-11-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

08:00 At what point should one get blood work to check hematocrit & hemoglobin?

04:14 Do you use a device (smartwatch, fitbit) to monitor pulse during cardio?

05:42 How did you arrive at your general 80-120 weekly sets recommendation, why not 70-110, or 90-130?

07:48 Was going to take 800mg of Drostanolone enanthate with my TRT, but I can’t find the enanthate version, only propionate. I now I have to take it more often, but do I also have to modify the dosage?

09:31 What kind of synergy is there between Masteron and Nandrolone? For example Masteron supposedly helps with prolactin related sides.

11:03 My blood pressure is 121/51, pulse 55. No matter what, whenever I increase activity, my bottom value and pulse goes down, but top one does not. Any explanation as to why?

14:59 Regarding your 80-120 set guideline, how do you compare sets of (for example) bicep curls against sets of back squats or deadlifts?

16:46 Would you recommend a certain amount of time between a blood donation and having blood drawn for lab work?

18:51 Efficacy of DHEA? Doc suggested it as an effective “natural” TRT remedy and I’m skeptical…

20:24 Would strength training & Sports TRT help alleviate the symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS)?

23:59 More on DHEA & possible benefits for females.

25:00 Would AAS be useful for someone with MS?

26:23 Do you ever see bodybuilders running into issues with nocturnal hypoglycemia when implementing insulin glargine (Lantus or Toujeo)? Could this be an issue for someone with very high insulin sensitivity and a fast metabolism?

28:17 You’ve mentioned many times that person x used x mg/kg during their course without giving any more context. Would this generally be their max dosage at the peak of their course or an average?

29:29 I know that you’ve stated that you generally don’t use Boldenone and Masteron together since you can run into estrogen problems. However, what would be your opinion on using Boldenone (to really drive RBC) up to a point when estrogen becomes an issue and then implementing Masteron, filling the weekly mg gap? Peak dosages would be ~12mg/kg and would look something like 1000mg Boldenone and 250mg Masteron weekly for an off season hypertrophy macrocycle.

31:41 Where can someone source AAS?

33:00 Which PEDs are better for the learning process?

34:41 More on DHT derivatives & MS.

36:28 How to tank IGF-1 levels to get a script from a doctor?

39:01 Other than hydration and keeping blood pressure in check anything else to keep any eye on to minimize how low eGFR values dip on cycle?

39:40 Is there a difference in the amount of water retention caused by GH when comparing various scenarios: taking 4 IUs before bed or taking 2 IUs first thing in the morning and taking 2 IUs before bed?

40:49 31 year old male planning 1st course of 16 weeks with the first part Primobolan and then switching to Testosterone enanthate and Masteron. Am I better looking for signs of suppression and bringing in the Testosterone at that point or making this switch automatically after 8 weeks?

42:37 For a first time insulin user (82 kg) with the goal of hypertrophy but who only has easy access to long acting insulin (Lantus), what would a dosing protocol look like? R insulin is not easily available in my country.

44:40 With a 500mg total dose, 250 split between Boldenone & Primobolan & 250 from Anadrol, what type of RBC increase would you expect after 3 weeks?

46:44 When will the coffee keep cups become available for purchase?

47:57 What can influence RBC count?

49:37 If one was prescribed a Sports TRT dosage, does this push out any longevity effects of TRT? Could Sport TRT be run with Anavar &/or Masteron year round? 34 year old male, 215lb, might want to have children in the future. Will these doses affect this?

54:06 If you’re having a high carb, moderate-high fat cheat meal, when would you have it in the day if you train in the evening?

55:57 Is there a way to increase hemoglobin?

56:57 Could you expand as to why it is better earlier? It’s a meal with my fiancé for the first time in months.

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