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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 8-9-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

02:48 When is it best to take GH for recovery? Morning, night or pre workout?

04:34 How accurate are the anabolic:androgenic ratio charts?

05:53 Some people seem to go hypo if they eat every 3 hours, whereas if I don’t eat carbs for 8 hours I just feel tired & sluggish. Does this mean that I have poor insulin sensitivity?

08:25 Due to the half-life of Nandrolone being 14 days, does this mean you can inject every fortnight or so?

09:50 Are there any concerns in using Accutane alongside a course of injectables? A dermatologist advised my client against using them simultaneously.

11:32 Many of those (anabolic:androgenic) charts give Anavar an anabolic rating of 300-600, where only 88 for Primobolan. I assume this is very exaggerated.

13:18 Highest dose of oral Winstrol you’ve seen that has been used?

15:00 When you say mg for mg of steroids, should we actually be saying mol for mol or is molecular weight similar?

16:36 What are your thoughts on using peptides without AAS for recovery purposes only, due to high levels of energy output?

17:57 Have you used Superdrol oral or injectable?

19:01 In situations where someone is working out 6 times a week, is it better to take 4IU of GH per day before bed or 5IU 5 times per week & why?

20:57 Any thoughts or advice on why Testosterone in doses over 150mg per week cause side effects of extreme tiredness?

21:59 In regards to joint pain, would you have an athlete use Nandrolone or BPC if they were having joint pain?

23:39 Do you feel that the type of carbohydrates pre & intra workout matters?

24:43 Pharma GH has a mg to IU ratio labeled on them, but different brands have different mixes. How would I know what mg to IU generics use?

25:16 Do you use Deca regularly?

25:57 Can as little as 2IU of GH offer any noticeable performance & recovery benefits?

26:18 Do you think that bodybuilders use such high doses today compared to the ’80s & ’90s because of lower quality on the market today?

27:56 Why do people believe that GH doesn’t cause lipolysis when taken before bed?

29:30 Does GH dosed in the morning for fat loss have much less anabolism benefit?

30:17 Is super compensation/functional overreaching accepted as an actual occurrence in hypertrophy training?

32:23 Do you use Primo or Masteron year round besides Sports TRT & is that a common approach?

34:02 Would 200mg a week of Nandrolone at a low BF% & good cardiovascular fitness, not be an issue in a calorie surplus phase?

34:40 Is generic GH a waste of money if it raises IGF levels in blood work?

36:29 Does GH have any mental aspect properties?

37:36 Would taking Clomid while on TRT work somewhat the same for fertility as taking HCG with TRT?

39:40 Is it true that diets too low in fat can cause dry, achy joints?

41:04 What is the first thing a person should buy when they want to take their coffee game to the next level?

42:38 What does your deload week look like?

44:57 Is your preference to keep Test dosing as low as low as possible due to excess DHT & estrogen? If so can it be mitigated by some careful estrogen & DHT management strategies?

46:13 Depending on whether in a calorie maintenance or calorie surplus or deficit, would you pick a specific Metformin release type?

46:38 At what dose do the anabolic properties of GH start to flatten out?

47:38 When training in the morning is it best practice to not eat before working out?

48:41 Sexual endurance was crazy on cycle, but now on my bridging cycle, my endurance has dropped & my erections are not as good. Any advice?

50:22 Do you recommend that your lean clients start a mass gaining phase in a low, moderate or high calorie surplus? What is the weight gain per month you would recommend?

52:05 Do Canada & England have the best PED markets, quality vs. availability wise?

53:05 What is your opinion on using T3/T4 on a mass phase?

54:09 Do you think most manual coffee grinders are overpriced?

54:53 I usually dose 2IU in the morning, but on days when I overeat I shoot an extra 2IU before bed. Seems to mitigate some of the negative recomp. Why is this? Am I a retard?

55:53 Over the counter DHEA. Can it benefit & if so, how?

56:39 AAS & androgens decrease your needs for protein per kg, does GH do the same?

58:00 Primo is more expensive, while Testosterone is so cheap.

59:07Given that you have learned from Tom Platz, why do you favor volume vs. intensity based styles of training for bodybuilding?

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