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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 8-7-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:27 Could you explain the mechanisms of action & efficacy of injectable L-carnitine for fat loss? (Alex Kikel’s injectable L-carnitine book:

02:04 Is there an inexpensive way to know that Nandrolone is legit?

02:56 Have you seen a difference in IGF1 escalation between different orals?

03:57 Metformin combined with long-acting Lantus benefits since Lantus will prevent insulin sensitivity & also it raises IGF1, unlike Metformin?

05:13 In a brief way, how do Metformin & insulin vary in their action?

06:32 Does a reduction in body mass reduce previous LVH?

08:09 What’s your absolute favorite PED?

08:48 Is 1000mg of Metformin for a 90kg bodybuilder for 4 months in total per year too much?

09:34 Is there a relationship between anabolic drug response & digit ratio?

11:06 What did Kazmaier & guys from that era use PED wise & was GH around?

13:03 Any tips for reducing Primo 200 PIP?

13:17 Are there any “no side effects” steroids that have good mass increasing properties?

13:45 In regards to the previous Metformin & insulin question, could Metformin help with glucose retention in the muscles like insulin?

16:48 What do you do for athletes who’s food intake exceeds their development?

18:07 If lipids are well within range, does that always correlate to the possibility of little to no calcium plaque?

19:31 Do you ever use Pentosan to help heal joint injuries?

19:49 Does being in a calorie deficit lower your immune system since you aren’t getting as many nutrients?

20:08 Other than Trenbolone do you think there are other AAS that rarely justify their risk:reward ratio?

20:27 Mg for mg, would you say Accutane is more toxic than Dianabol?

20:55 Can supraphysiologic values of DHT or DHT derivatives interfere with estrogen & stop any conversion of GH to IGF1?

21:30 If one reacts very well to Testosterone side effect wise & wants to use Masteron with it to further anabolism plus the mild estrogen suppression, is there a ratio?

22:21 Does Ipamorelin cause the same blood glucose problems that sometimes arise with MK-677 & GH?

23:02 Can you talk about the mechanisms of action behind Anadrol 50 & strength? Is it just leverage benefits?

25:47 Thoughts on stacking TB-500 & BPC?

26:07 Heart attack is related to blood clotting, genetic disorders, like factor 5.

26:24 If lipids are fine so is BP, what would be a likely culprit of heart attacks?

27:16 Why do you think Ronnie Coleman said that he could go off gear after a show & have no problems?

28:53 What’s your test to determine if someone is natural or not?

30:02 If you were working together with a popular figure in the fitness industry, who hates Lyle McDonald & has a PHD, what AAS would he be running & what amounts?

30:48 How do AAS influence nutrient partitioning?

31:33 Good supplements to lower your blood pressure?

33:35 What do you think about MK-677?

35:02 A 85kg athlete that wants to compete in strongman at a high level, never used drugs before, blood work is good… what would you advise?

36:48 Can you discuss short term utilization of drugs that can play a role in influencing the performance of 1 rep max?

38:38 To improve recovery from strength training, not to try to gain weight, would you rather push gear or GH, given use is already at 6mg/kg & 3IU/day?

40:40 What’s the longest you’ll have people run MK-677?

42:26 Do you like injectable Superdrol? I’ve heard it behaves differently in an injectable form.

42:39 Do you find the need for a pharmacological approach to an athlete to keep them motivated during their training blocks?

43:39 Do most people who run GH have to use insulin as well?

43:45 If a 75kg athlete wants to go on Sports TRT, would something like 150mg/week weeks 1-4, 175mg/week weeks 4-8, the plateau at 200mg for the remaining 8 weeks be a good protocol?

44:43 Your thoughts on TRT for long term usage, will that stop the hypothalamus forever?

46:30 Do steroids change brain function permanently?

46:55 Do Test esters have different effects? I notice much better intensity & fewer side effects with Test C vs. Test E.

47:31 What is the mechanism behind 19-nor drugs causing acne, as the drugs aren’t DHT or estrogen-based, or is it due to their effects on estrogen?

49:15 Ipamorelin as a “poor man’s HGH” to stay lean in the offseason?

49:33 What steroids do you recommend for a beginner near intermediate trainee for minimal side effects?

50:55 If you give 300mg of Testosterone or 300mg of Nandrolone to a given athlete, which do you typically see more negative side effects?

52:17 Does Ipamorelin have somatotropic effects, as MK-677 does not?

52:32 In terms of aspirin would you daily dose it for its blood-thinning effects?

53:05 In your years of coaching, do athletes suffer from more sides on lower doses when they get older?

54:20 Are steroid side effects reversible & do you keep the mass that has been added due to them?

55:46 Based on the fact of me being a person of middle eastern descent is it worth considering Nandrolone instead of Testosterone for a Sports TRT for a 16-week cycle?

57:48 Do you run many athletes on no Test or is there always at least a TRT dose in the cycle?

58:41 What are your thoughts on the anabolic effects of taking 3lb of spinach a day?

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