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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 8-2-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

02:05 Is 600mg of Masteron for 6 months excessive?

03:11 Do you use a 23G 1″ needle to draw AAS as well as inject them?

04:37 Would a 100kg powerlifter benefit more from a HRT of Primo a week plus E2 tablets vs. a larger cycle of AAS or both?

06:55 What is your opinion on the trend that a lot of pro bodybuilders have on choosing low volume high intensity workouts instead of the opposite, like you suggest?

08:43 What is a possible reason for AAS (oil) leaking out of an injection site after an injection?

10:53 Do you have any experience with your clients using DHB?

11:33 Do you damage GH proteins when you drop a bottle on the floor?

12:13 Can you use the same needle to draw & inject the substance?

13:22 Is it required to aspirate before injecting?

14:20 What do you think about using Proviron for a beginner that just wants to be all round big & strong?

14:48 How much do AAS improve nitrogen retention in terms of dietary protein requirements? Protein requirements for enhanced vs. natural individuals?

15:45 For people having AST & ALT above 100 after 4 weeks of just 10mg of Dianabol a day, is it better to avoid all orals or try other orals?

17:33 In your opinion, which of the famous powerlifting programs, like 5/3/1, Juggernaut, Sheiko , works best for a novice to intermediate powerlifter?

19:31 If you would use GH before cardio in the morning, how long after the injection would you do the cardio?

21:06 Can chronic insulin usage lower protein synthesis?

21:38 200mg of Test enanthate for a first cycle?

21:46 Would Nandrolone with supplemental estrogen be one of the least androgenic & most anabolic protocols one could use?

22:42 Do you think that castor oil can solve the PIP with DHB?

22:48 Any practical ways to emphasize metabolic vs. mitogenic effects of insulin?

23:32 Can microwaving oil to heat it up damage the structure?

23:41 Regarding Proviron again, what about as an addition to an injectable based cycle?

25:15 Does Masteron only reduce E2 or can it reduce all estrogens?

25:44 In what scenario would you recommend HGH after workout instead of before bed?

26:43 How much time would it take to notice the recovery benefits of GH, joint recovery in particular?

28:12 What if I’m already on 600mg of Masteron & 200mg of Test? Should I escalate the dose further?

28:30 What anabolics would you differ to if Masteron & Primobolan are not an option & the goal is increased protein expression/muscle mass accrual?

29:48 Where can I find your post-it notes? Are you planning on writing a book in the future?

30:47 Thought on the Sheiko method for powerlifting?

31:25 Regarding GH dose timing, should one inject first thing in the AM or closer to pre workout if fat loss is the primary goal?

32:20 What anabolic would you utilize for yourself personally if you couldn’t use Primobolan & Masteron?

33:24 Considering you post-it note rules for orals, is it correct that most people should not take them for more than 6 total months per year?

34:26 I know you program your own powerlifting program, but what would be the closest available generic program in your opinion?

35:11 What percent of world class athletes take drugs?

35:43 If a body part was lagging, what else would you do if adding more sets to the body part isn’t working?

37:58 How would you inject DHB to reduce PIP?

39:14 Why is Proviron so much different than Superdorl, when in theory it should be identical?

40:02 When you say 80-120 sets per week, is that to failure or 1 rep shy?

41:33 Can you please give a comparison on Turinabol, Stanozolol & Oxandrolone outcomes in males?

42:28 How does Masteron lower blood levels of estrogen, when in theory it only binds to the estrogen receptor?

43:37 Is there any way to use AAS to make yourself be able to sing really high notes?

44:32 When you have an athlete with high cholesterol levels, what would be your first action?

46:34 For naturals, dehydration leads to low blood pressure, for enhanced individuals, dehydration leads to higher blood pressure. Why?

48:01 Do you think it’s possible or even needed for an engineered Testosterone derivative that converts to estradiol?

49:03 I heard that Oxandrolone works synergistically with creatine. Is this because Oxandrolone isn’t effective at driving creatine synthase?

50:16 Patrick Tour suggests that Letrozole reduces estrogen levels in different ways in comparison to Anastrozole when in theory they affect estrogen in the same way, just Letrozole is much stronger.

52:15 I’ve heard that increased prolactin levels can increase recovery/wound healing. Could you elaborate if there is anything to this claim?

53:54 What would you do if Biden is elected president?

55:19 Have there been any instances where you had to stop Metformin use for an athlete?

56:24 If a client asks you to look good all year long for modeling purposes, which approach would you use regarding AAS, workouts, cardio & diet?

57:45 For someone having genuine, but mild gyno issues (possibly from mislabeled gear) & even low dose Test now causes issues, would you prefer AI or Masteron to control estrogen? Surgery is not yet possible…

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