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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 7-31-20

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01:56 Is there a difference between Novolin R & Humalog?

03:03 How do you rate Proviron vs. Masteron?

04:12 If you inject Primobolan sub-q the viscosity makes it hard to inject higher doses & you risk abscesses.

04:40 Is there any effective medication that could be utilized to speed the rate of healing for lower body stress fractures?

06:12 Hunger issues aside, is there a reason to choose Ipamorelin over MK-677 or vice versa?

06:47 Do you think it’s true that Anavar reduces midsection belly fat?

07:14 Anadrol is sometimes available in an oil solution at 50mg/ml for injection. Would this be an option for females to dose Anadrol at 5-10mg/day?

08:50 I’m on TRT after running an oral cycle. After dropping the orals I get cystic acne on my sides & back for 6-8 weeks. Is this because I’m not tapering the dose down? Anything I can do to minimize it?

09:58 Since L-carnitine builds up over time, does it matter at what time you inject it?

11:04 How many millimeters (9 site caliper measurement) do you target per week when trying to lose fat?

13:26 If one needs the effect of Trenbolone, would it be smart to take Levothyroxine along to lower the burden?

14:54 If you had 2 twin males, run the same dose of Masteron & the other of Primoboloan, what would be the difference in their physiques?

16:29 If just in a general offseason for bodybuilding, do you think there’s ever a place for oral anabolics instead of injectable if the goal is muscle gain?

17:33 If you could define a single most common side effect you see in athletes using sports TRT, what would it be?

19:31 The reason I’ve asked about injectable Anadrol, is because it’s hard to find low dose orals.

20:33 Just as Testosterone has a threshold of E2 production, do you think Masteron has a threshold of reducing it?

21:40 Does Clen drive mTOR & anabolism? Some studies show that it inhibits mTOR & inhibits gains more than it drives them.

23:04 If one is having sexual issues from running Deca or Tren, but doesn’t have Cabergoline, could Provirone fix the issues?

24:16 Listening to the Testosterone Roundtable, Alex brought up the possibility of running 7-10mg with pro physique competitors, would you find this to be efficient?

25:25 Why do some people experience side effects like nausea, loss of appetite, etc. from injectables, even Primo?

26:14 Have you ever worked with someone who has addiction issues with recreational drugs? What is the best way for them to manage their drug use?

27:45 Do you have a rule of thumb for the amount of T4 use in mcg/kg of body weight for the purpose with which you use T4?

29:15 Are there any other ways to increase sports performance to any significant degree other than insulin, AAS & GH?

29:48 4IU vs. 8iu of GH for a bodybuilder in a deficit prep phase. Would this difference in dose have an impact on IGF1 levels given the deficit?

30:42 First cycle recommendations?

30:56 If someone wanted to run 300-400mg of Bayer Primo, which comes in 100mg ampoules, would you have any suggestion on injection timing?

32:27 What are your thoughts on the efficacy of metabolic stress as a driver for hypertrophy?

33:58 If one needed to run an oral for longer than their body weight in kg, what supplement would you recommend alongside it to mitigate liver stress?

34:20 Did they ever say what PED Mark McGuire & Barry Bonds used in the baseball era?

36:14 Is something like 5mg/kg a good starting point for a DHT drug like Masteron?

36:45 Seems like over the past few years more and more pros get busted for Ostarine. Do you think SARMS ran rampant before the ban in 2008?

38:13 Of all the sports you have consulted for, which would you say are the easiest to get past the drug test and which are the most difficult?

39:40 Do you know about the Colorado Experiment with Casey Viator & Arthur Jones?

41:41 Why have powerlifting records advanced more than olympic weightlifting?

43:21 If I don’t get any nipple tingling from 250mg of Testosterone enanthate, but do get it from 250mg of cypionate, do you believe that one of them is wrongly dosed?

44:06 Would you say that of the pros of the ’70s Arnold had the best genetics behind Oliva?

45:31 Will someone clean & jerk 600lb ever?

46:18 What’s the max mg/kg ratio you would venture into for someone on the verge of turning pro?

47:40 Samir Bannout’s genetics were amazing!

48:53 What would you say is the total weekly mg for a 212 Olympian?

49:29 If Shane Hamman would have crossed over sooner, he would have had more success.

50:38 Is there a certain brand of calipers you prefer?

51:22 Samir recently said that for the ’83 Olympia he used 300mg of Test, 300mg of Tren, Winstrol V daily & 50mg of Anavar.

52:30 If I had a WADA test coming up, could I take Testosterone propionate 3 weeks beforehand & Testosterone suspension daily until 2 days before?

53:38 What do you think caused the golden era bodybuilders to use Primo & Deca & over the years switched to gobs & gobs of Testosterone?

55:37 How did Samir Bannout train?

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