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TeamEvilGSP Live Q&A 7-28-20

Have a question for Broderick to answer in his weekly Facebook Lives?

01:24 Is it necessary to take vitamin D with fats for better bioavailability?

03:28 When is it best to take hydrophilic vitamins?

04:23 Bumped TRT up to 200mg of Test. Thoughts on my cycle design?

06:23 Dan Duchaine claimed that Nolvadex accelerated fat loss, is this true or a misinterpretation?

08:20 Is there any PED/drug that can help heal a herniated disk?

09:25 Based on the practical application series – you put forward the idea to introduce an anabolic steroid at the start of a course for 4 weeks before adding in testosterone. Are you looking for signs of low T/looking at blood work for low T before adding it in? Or just always at the 4 week mark?

11:03 When dosing orals, let’s say 100mg T-Bol, for 100 days would you taper up the dosage or start right at 100mg day 1? Body weight is 100kg.

12:35 When total injection volume becomes high, would you prefer using more injection sites, or a second day to inject? Talking about depot drugs.

15:15 I know you don’t think that twice daily training is beneficial for bodybuilders but what do you think of doing prioritized muscle groups in the morning and doing cardio – for cardiorespiratory health – followed by deemphasized muscle groups in the PM? Doing this would separate cardio and (the main) strength training while still keeping the PM session somewhat motivating with a minimal amount of strength training.

17:11 I recall you saying that you would limit a single IM injection to ~4ml. If more than 4ml are supposed to be administered how would advise proceeding?

18:02 Which Merck Index book do you recommend the most?

18:40 I am curious about the exotic protocols you’ve applied for exotic goals. Could you share some of them?

22:08 Is gynecomastia reversible?

23:08 What was the name of the Russian PED study where you were talking about administration of PEDs after the first or second training cycle when the athlete begins to feel rundown?

23:44 Is the Alex Kikel/Daniel Pekic podcast on the members site?

24:44 I understand your explanation on why a higher carbohydrate, lower fat diet is superior for body-composition related goals and I would have a theoretical question. Let’s assume two identical twins with identical training regimes are eating in a 500 calorie surplus, but one is taking 2g/kg of fat, whereas the other one keeps it under 1g/kg. I know it’s hard to put numbers on it, but how much more fat gain would you expect from the person who is eating the higher fat diet over the course of, say 16 weeks?

27:25 Can you give a ballpark percentage of 1RM that you would recommend a bodybuilder to use for sets of ~10 when using your 80-120 set protocol?

31:26 So all sets to approximate failure and don’t worry about the weight on the bar more or less?

33:35 Would you be able to explain the mechanisms by which estrogen increases water retention & are those mechanisms direct ones or dependent on aldosterone increases?

36:11 On the Tasmanian seminar videos you and Rawdon make a bit of fun of the mind muscle connection. Just to confirm, as long as we are progressing, e.g. increasing load on the bar, even if we don’t feel the muscle and technique is good e.g. hack squat which you can’t really fuck up, are we good to go (as a physique athlete trying to grow)?

38:24 Do you have a specific periodization approach for individuals, who have bodybuilding goals, that are natural?

41:45 Will Deca be as effective if injected sub-Q?

43:06 Have you used Winstrol with an athlete for its effects on blood fibrinolysis at all?

43:49 At your competitive days as a bodybuilder, how much was your weight on stage?

45:44 Is it normal for a doctor to respond when you ask to get test levels checked on bloods to deny the request unless you have “ED or lethargy”?

46:53 If you were to use a long acting insulin whilst on a low carbohydrate diet, would your body go forward and get energy from fat in turn aiding in fat loss?

47:47 If someone responded very well to an oral, would you implement it in an offseason (I know you’re not a fan of orals in the offseason)? Arnold and Dianabol come to mind.

51:49 Favorite way to make and drink coffee?

54:20 If an athlete wanted a long offseason, while still using your periodization of “recomping” mid 16 week cycle. During the “off” time if we were still a little chubby for your liking, would you use a short diet 8-10 weeks during this time and focus the drug use on gaining muscle?

56:57 Why do you hate Palumbo?

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